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  1. Looking for someone to get snake eggs (regularly or temp) in Stygian Abyss. Eggs are very eay to get. Any hider/mage can get 12 in 15-20mins. Paying 300k per 12 eggs! Great way to work up some easy gold!! PM me for more details!
  2. Paying 25k per snake egg. (serpents nest's) (100k per 4) Great opportunity to build a nice bank roll simply farming snake eggs for me in Stygian abyss. Im only available during certain times/days so contact me via PM and we can work out pricing/timing/etc. Thanks for the inquiry!
  3. On Origin. From an event a few months back. Golden in color. Trading for 1 char transfer token (on origin). Or selling for whatever current vendor price is for token. Will even throw in a Farley's Horse Whip (on Sonoma)!
  4. The Air Elemental Slayer has been sold. The other blades are still for sale. If you are looking for a specific leafblade/leafblade of ease pm me the mods you're looking for and I will let ya know If I have a match. I burned 20-30 Val Runic Hammers on Leafblades about 6 months ago so have quite the collection of them.
  5. Good info/advice, I appreciate it. I have a few misc. rubble pieces (4) for 15mil, if anyone is interested. (atlantic)
  6. Ah, thanks guys! I always used them as deco display cases. Do you have any idea of the value?
  7. One more good sampire leafblade (feint/armor ignore) that is for sale.
  8. Another Blade I am thinking about selling. & hoping I get more haters.
  9. Found these in IDOC a long time ago. I believe they are display tables. Couldnt find info on them anywhere. Could anyone tell me what they are worth? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks for explaining what a slayer weapon is. We had no idea. lol
  11. The vortex's count as "Air Elementals". Prolly should know what youre talking about before you speak.
  12. Leaf Blade of Ease (Armor Ignore/ Feint) 48% Mana Leech Air Elemental Slayer 42% Stamina Leech 13% Defence Chance 25% Swing Speed Inc 35% Damage Increase Use Best Weapon Skill!! 7 MoDs CONSTANT Armor Ignores! Kills Elementals in 2/3 the time as Fully imbued Elemental Slayer!!! & Can Divine Fury without the DCI Penalty! (INSANE SWING SPEED) Valorite Runic Crafted!!!! NOT Imbued, enhanced, reforged, engraved, dyed, etc. Clean Valorite Runic Crafted, made it myself- owned it for over a year! Will Last FOREVER. Wont find another one like it.. EVER. 50 million is the price tag. Pretty fi
  13. If you are interested in any piece please leave a bid here or PM. Will take offers on these items until Friday. (March 2nd) Items dont have "Buyouts", but will sell to any offers I cannot refuse. All items are unenhanced and unimbued. 1) Arcane Garnish Bracelet of Aegis (Gargoyles Only) (-100 Luck) Mana Regen 3 Defence Chance 20% FCR 3 LMC 8% LRC 20% 2) Arcane Platemail Tunic of Slaughter Mana Inc 10 HCI 5% 10%/18%/17%/18%/17% 3) Animated Bone Armor Chest of Slaughter Dex 4 Stam Inc 8 HCI 5% 8%/13%/19%/17%/4% 4) Garnish Bracelet of Haste (Gargoyles Only) Dex 10 Stam 5 (-100 Luck) 10%
  14. Buying High Rated Lesser Hiryu (Blue or Dark Green) Please let me know stats, color, price, etc if you have one for sale. Prefer Blue but Dark Green will work as well.
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