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  1. I'm wondering if the book gets donations of any kind and the book is not "sold" on the open market, but given to members or fans that have helped put it together, if copyrights, etc would come into play????. I mean if I made something with a photo on it from warcraft , UO, etc., and gave it to a friend or friends, how would that warrent getting sued by anyone? Just a thought and a curious question. And as a reminder, yes, please keep me also informed of future progress on the book. Thanks
  2. Aye me maties. So ye be want'n a story of sort of how we all got started. Well, I'll do me best in trying to remember the days of yor.Me pappy started way back when the lands consisted of one landmass. He was a terror of the seas back then. He couldn't pull into a port without the Royals trying to put a noose around his throat. He was so bad that many men feared him, but one. A bloke that went by the name of " Capt'n Scar. He had scars from one end of his ugly body to the next. Obtained I hear from the many brutel scurmishes he had got himself into. Scar didn't back down from nothing, but neit
  3. forgot to ask.....lol...does a person write the story here on the Forums or how is it submitted?...Thanks
  4. Is this shard specific or will it relate to any shard? If there are prizes, are they delivered to the winners shard? ie: Chessy Thanks and safe travels...........
  5. can you use other ingots besides iron? and the boards...any type or regular boards? thanks
  6. Fresh start with an old Lore will be good for us playing. It will be interesting to see the turn of events that will take place in the coming times...........safe travels
  7. A huge congrats from your next door neighbors in Nidaros. I'm sure you're looking for a house plot for him in Glydenfeld as we speak......Hope all are doing fine..Congrats again
  8. It's RP for goodess sake. Regardless of who comes to power, the name of the game is: "RP it"!!!. If things turn for the worst, then be preparded for it. If things are of Virtue, then go with the flow. Thats whats making the game interesting and thats why we play it, reguardless of what direction EA/ Mystic goes. Alot will depend on how we as players play it anyway. Thats what the EM's are looking for. We all blew it during the "Dawn Era". EM's were looking for player intervention and no one wanted to get things going. So lets sit back and see what unfolds in this world of ours...........tread
  9. your welcome. .......Good luck in all your endeavors. Travel safe .....
  10. Hail & Welcome to the world of UO. There's alot of good people out there that will help you get started. What shard did you start on? If your on Chessepeake shard, look up anyone with (TPN) over their heads. They are a guild form Nidaros and will help you get started. There is a player town created for new and returning players to outfit you and give you books to help get started. Let me know and we'll go from there. Again , welcome and will wait to see response.......from the desk of Nidaros..........
  11. The town of Nidaros on Chessy wouldlovetoshowyou whats happening in Sosaria now adays. Like others said, alot haschanged, but we have alotof great people. Look for(TPN), the Protectors of Nidaros and we will guide yoy the rest of the way. Good luck in your endeavers.
  12. tancred, we ended up canceling the anniversary evets ( races) till our "Events Co-Ordinator/ Assistant Mayor" feels better. When that happens, we will try and give enough notice of the races/party so that hopefully a good crowd will come out. Since the 15th yr get together in Va. is the end of the montth, I'm thinking it might be better to hold it in October after everyone returns from Va. So we will post asap on the events. Had a relaxing time "gambling" at the T-House last night in its place. ........
  13. I should be home from work and on between 6 & 7 pm. look for me then.
  14. Thank you, but due to our "Events co-ordinator/assistant mayor, we may end up postponing it till he feels better. So maybe you might be able to show up for that one or at least the party/get-together afterwards. We'll find out tonight. But thank you. you were there from the beginning and hope to see you around in the future.from your good neighbor---Nidaros
  15. Nidaros is proud to present to all, the 2nd year Anniversary Celebration of its "Rise from Ashes Theme. This year, Nidaros is hosting two races and a get together party at the "Black Dagger Saloon, on the 2nd floor of the Nidaros Townhall afterwards. Details of the race can be fouund in a book on the steps of the townhall. The first of 2 races will start at 8 pm Thursday, 9/20, followed by a ship race, then the party. Details can also be read in previous writeups from Maedhros. PM Maedhros or myself for any further questions reguarding the races. So hope to see everyone at the townhall, locate
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