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  1. Next time if you dont have an answer just dont post. k thanks.
  2. I don't think its cheating to use something that color codes idocs so u can save a few minutes by not having to read every sign. Is uo cartographer cheating to you ?
  3. how can they tell if you using a locator? Second I am aware of being banned for third party programs. I asked if the tools work and which one is the best. I didnt ask if I could be banned for using it or how to run around and look for one. If you don't know the answer to the question then dont respond bro.
  4. Anyone know if these idoc locator tools really work and which one is the best?
  5. yeah rat form not sure if it still works but you put barding armor on ur swampy trhen make it attack barracoon the piper and heal him until baracoon turns it into rat form then let it die and res it. once resed the armor will look distorted cut the armor off and the swampys skin will be white. I'm not sure if this still works but im willing to try if anyone wants to help me test this let me know.
  6. anyone know what guilds do champ spawns on origin anymore if any ?
  7. Looking for people to do a despise tonight on origin around 6:30 eastern time. Trying to turn my swampy white any help would be appreciated.
  8. No clue all i know is you used to be able to do despise until the champ spawn (barracoon the piper) spawned, then you get off your swamp dragon and make your swampy attack barracoon while ur guildees healed it until coon turned your swampy into a rat guy. your swampy had to be wearing a barding deed once your dragon died while in rat form and was ressed the barding deed looked all crazy and if you cut it off the swampys skin was pure white.
  9. 22 views and no response? no one in this forum knows about this or has done despise?
  10. Ok so I just returned from a 3 year hiatus and I had my swampys turned white via the bug were you make your pet attack barracoon the piper ( despise champ ) with a dragon barding deed on until the swampy gets turned into a rat. this changes the color of the the armor and when you take the barding armor off the swampys skin would be white. when i came back to uo my swampy was dead when I ressed him his skin turned green again which never use to happen when ressed. I thought maybe they fixed the bug and changed them all back to there original color or that since he was dead during the many patch
  11. thanks for the insight farsight.
  12. never mind just read that scribe gives you 10% more spell damage but not sure if that effects pvp because the sdi cap on pvp is 15 not sure if that is just gear cap or not though? anyways Here are the two templates my mages use. templet: real: stats: magery 120 112.6 str 110 eval int 120 120 dex 20 wrestling 120 110.6 int 125 (probably dropping to 120 to take dex to 25) resistspells 120 104.2 parry 120 117.5 meditation 120 115 ne
  13. what do you mean skill gain items ? like the 100% poison wep on a golom thing ?
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