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  1. For all of the fabulous people I have gamed with over the years...
  2. To any of you who have played with us either in UO or Wow, happy holidays! May this next year be blessed with many bright days and wild nights!
  3. Blah, blah! How do you expect Snuggs and I to insistently bother you with information when you are not on there. Actually, I think it is just the email address that is associated with your wow account. Good to hear from you Adri!!!
  4. I know that we still have some old companions that wander the lands of Azeroth upon other realms than our own. If anyone has there real id's, I would love to get back in touch with them, if for anything to say hello.
  5. Merth my friend, I hope all is well. Have not heard from you in sometime, so I am bringing back this post in search of you.
  6. Going on six years as a guild, I am proud to say that the Guardians are stronger than they have ever been. I equate this greatness to the overwhelming charisma of Snuggs! As always, those of you who have shared trails and paths with us, there is always a place for you amongst our ranks. Feel free to drop us a line, even if it is to just say hello.
  7. Closing my UO accounts, knowing that my sweet sweet home would be gone. Well, that was painful, but not as painful as when I had a shoulder out of its socket for 4 hours.
  8. Wow Mum, that's fantastic!!! Congratulations and may he have a merry and full life!!!
  9. *Update A year and a half later, hehe. Connor is an amazing kid, and I learn something new from him daily. Though he was a big baby, he has now been reduced to the size of a huge toddler. The friggin jotun blooded kid is the size of most 3 year olds. =) But he is healthy, loves music, and has the most amazing blue/gray/green eyes I have ever seen!
  10. I'm good, though Lorna is out of work again. I need to find her a job that she likes! Hey, did you know that Ally had another baby, I just found out!!!=)
  11. Good to see you as well! We all know that the true ebil is you though, Wow pale's in comparison.=) How have you been?
  12. If any of you who played with us before would like to see the many changes that have occurred in Azeroth, a scroll of resurrection can be sent and you can play for a week free and also boost any character up to level 80. Here are the details, I and the rest of the crew would love to see some old faces! Scroll of Resurrection FAQ - Battle.net Support -Cabers
  13. Haha, totally missed this thread. Snuggs, I am up for anything anytime, just give me a hollar, prolly on FB!=)
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