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  1. I like the sound of this but do some advertising in australia. Get more Aussie's on this game, revive Oceania. I'm doing the best I can to get old players back and get new players onto UO. Come on!!!
  2. Please UO do some advertising in Australia. Get some more Aussie's back on this game. I'm doing my part to try to get new and old players back onto UO. Please do your part and help revive Oceania!!
  3. I recently came back to UO, on the oceania shard, and have found that is pretty dead. Theres a few people but not an exciting amount. So I went looking around for other games but every tom, dick and harry are trying to push world of warcraft. Personally I prefer UO, or what UO used to be. So in a search for a new game, I started a new website for people to come and review games and share games and stuff with eachother, it is only new so it doesnt have much of a members list. But I was hoping to try to get people back to UO, and maybe even find some new online games to play. Can someone go to
  4. so Yelena, what do u do now? and do you think they should do something about this all?
  5. oh i forgot 1 thing, Gnomy said "we have to face that pvp side is a minority in MMO's? I have played MMO's that are all about pvp. You only fight npcs to get what you need for the pvp.
  6. Well by the sounds of things, UO has become player vs enviroment and I'm out numbered in my opinions. I'll admit I havn't been here the whole time for the growth and changes in UO and have only recently come back, but every online game has 1 thing in common, people. In this other game i played a guy always said to me, "there is only 1 thing wrong with this game and it is that people play it." So smack talk, the maturity level of players, abuse, i have seen it all. I know all about those issues but that is just something that comes with pvp, no escaping it. Thats why you ignore it, i have n
  7. ok yea, i understand the cheating side of things. nothing i hate more then scum cheating, wheres the fun and wheres the challange in that? But a game dying because of pvp??? hmmm... i dont understand how that could happen. All the people who i have talked to that quit, quit around the same time they made tram and fel. Come on lets be honest about this, all the successful online games are full of pvp, you can't tell me it would die because of it.
  8. Ofcorse there will be people who will dissagree with me on this. But I have played other online games and the problem I have seen is when they create too much player vs enviroment / player vs monster areas. People get bored and go play other games or complain until it is reversed.> I still think UO has what it takes to keep up with the other MMO's. It doesn't need to have fanastic graphics or high volocity action. But in my opinion it needs more pvp. Everytime you are doing pvm or minning or cutting wood or anything, there should be the feeling that your about to be jumped by a bunch of oth
  9. I'm on oceania. The point I was getting at with the armour and weapons was. When UO first come out. Armour had a rating (the amount of damaging it would protect you from) and the heavier the amour was, the more it would reduce your dexterity. That was it, simple and straight foward, ofcorse except for magic stuffs. now its like 30% physical, 10% cold etc... And weapons were pretty much the same. And the harder the metal to find, the better the weapon or amour. Now weapons and armour are all the same, no matter what ore you make it out of, it just does different things. Now everyone wears 'pap
  10. I have just started playing UO again. I didn't play it much but was playing on a mates account about 11 years ago, and my brothers account about 10 years ago. Recently I was playing another online game but got abit sick of it, so i thought i would come check out UO again. I have read abit of the forums and people are talking about 'change this, change that', 'do what this game did' and all this type of stuff. Personally, I think UO should do what UO did. I mean, look at the armour and weapons set up, its a bloody joke. Armour and weapons used to be straight foward and realistic. Now its li
  11. Scheduled Maintenance 7/13/10 - All ShardsJames Nichols13 Jul 2010 10:37:26 Greetings! Beginning Tuesday, July 13th at 2:00PM EDT all shards will be brought offline for updates to the current database system. Due to the complexities of this maintenance we anticipate services will be back online by 8:00PM EDT (please see update below). We thank you for your patience during this extended downtime. Update 7/14/10 - 1:00AM EST: We are currently investigating an issue in which players are unable to use the Enhance Client, we apologize for the inconvenience. Update 7/14/10 - 12:00AM E
  12. Well hello to everyone on Oceania. I'm almost finished my 14 day trial.I played this game about 10 years ago on a mates account but never really built up an amazing char or anything. I understand the general ideas of UO and all that so it kinda helps.I'm abit dissapointed in the amount of people on the shard. I recently stopped playing another online game because of the lack of pvp. I was looking foward to PVP in the future but after reading the forums, it seems it is dead on this shard. I tried other shards but lagged waaay too much, so PVP would be out of the question there.I guess there are
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