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  1. Bootcamp won't work with me due to no Windows license key. Also, even if I did have a key I don't like the idea of constantly restarting the partitions based on what I am doing.
  2. Tried crossover, wine and parrellels and none worked. The Crossover and wine grayed out the install button after selecting the install location (tried different locacation). When I tried parallels it installed but when I clicked the UO icon, nothing happened. Crossover is my preferred choice. Any ideas? Sent from my SGH-i917R using Board Express
  3. Hello all, I am in Atlantic server and looking to place a good sized house ANYWHERE. I have been searching for days and I can't find a place. Anyone know of a tool to assist me? tip? anything?
  4. I spent all last night looking for a place to place a lot. This reminded me of the old days, and its not a good thing. Does anyone know the least popular place in UO that I can search for a spot? Sent from my SGH-i917R using Board Express
  5. Hello all, I am back and UO and just finished my character transfer from another server. I am looking for a guild who is very active in events. I will help out with guild activities as much as I possibly can. Sent from my SGH-i917R using Board Express
  6. I am also interested in knowing this. What should we be doing for gold? Sent from my SGH-i917R using Board Express
  7. Thanks for the help ;-) Sent from my SGH-i917R using Board Express
  8. Hello all, I am looking for a guild, so I checked the Guild recruiltment forums but only found sub-forums for other shards but Atlantic, can anyone point me in the direction of the proper thread I should be posting 'looking for guild'?
  9. I have installed it with Parallels (didn't try Crossover yet) and UO won't run, but oddly Mortal Online will... I find that funny how a very new game will run but UO won't o.O I will tinker around with it before heading to CrossOver.
  10. I an running the new 27" iMac one... Can't remember specs. I will try out all your suggestions ;-) Thanks! Sent from my SGH-i917R using Board Express
  11. Anyone here has tried to run UO on a Mac without resorting to bootcamp?
  12. I looked in the forums and the FAQ's and I don't see any Necromancer guides. Anyone can tell me of where I can find one? I am primarily having trouble leveling my character.
  13. I checked the mods out in stratics, not exactly what I meant, but then again it did answer the question... I hope EA allows KR to be more moddable in the future, time will tell.
  14. Thanks for all the info everybody, it makes sence... this is so different from all the other MMO's (in a good way) I also will check the FAQ
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