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  1. please do a tut or post pics of process i would like to see
  2. as far as i know u still cant place a castle or keep in malas
  3. 117 views and no replys BUMP
  4. i own a castle on catskills in fel on ice island im looking to find a place to place one in trammel, no need to live in fel bought it about 2 years ago comment or message if you know of a place and not the trinsic swamps
  5. Catskills Shard - none of these are for the cleanup its for collection purposes, i want to finish what i have Mini House deeds snowy scenes Champ Spawn Replica deco items statues - vet, drops, and rewards armor sets - missing certain pieces i have been working on the snowy scene and mini houses for years getting what i can from vendors and house drops tell me what u got well negotiate =)=)=)=)
  6. dyrk

    Throwing question

    what did u start at, and was it runic crafted, and out of what material
  7. is anyone a gm or higher bladeweaver? if so what did u do to get gains or is throwing bugged cuz im not getting ANY gains what so ever
  8. As it showed on the stratics forum it was done with taxedery mounted head deeds on the door
  9. figured it out from sum old posts i was going through on stratics, place trash barrel place goza mat on trash barrel(ie target barrel with goza mat) destroy trash barrel, then target goza with deeded torch, voila, ill show
  10. might as well close post, Neveah and i worked it out, and because of what has transpired he had to move shards so i feel bad, but Thank You Nevaeh, your good ppl
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