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  1. I will do 16 mill each. PM me or ICQ me at 233305062. Thanks.
  2. All that you can provide on Napa. ICQ me 233305062 with your asking price.
  3. Gonna update this thread as my list of items grows on what I can sell. Feel free to pm me or ICQ me for more details at 233305062. Current selling list Napa Valley: Relic Frags Val Hammers SS Frags Heritage Tokens Legends: Contact me Sonoma: Contact me Atlantic: Contact me Thanks!
  4. Val Hammers Relic Frags SS frags Lt. Sash Levithan Hide Bracers and other 'stuff' ICQ me at 233305062 or pm me here thanks.
  5. Both items are currently located on Legends. Only info I could dig up on the helm is that i believe there was 20 made but only 5 of the norse helm version. I could be wrong and please correct me if I am. I am pretty sure I have the norse helm version. Cupid's Carapace is a tshirt. Not sure of it's value or how many were produced. Both items could be possibly moved to ATL if the price is right. Reply here, pm me or ICQ me at 233305062. UPDATE: Found out more info.. sorry for not looking at the extensive rares list thread in the archives first. Looks like the Norse helm version of
  6. Napalon and I have done business before, as i've sold him accounts for gold. Each time he handed over hundreds of millions of gold before he received anything from me. It's possible he could be lying but I highly doubt it. I consider him very trustworthy.
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