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  1. I had to read that twice. I read "failing system".
  2. Please get in contact with me if you have gold on Drachenfels and need some on Atlantic.
  3. On Atlantic? Maybe. On my deserted shard nobody buys anything. A real shame.
  4. A very good idea! Sounds very familiar hehe.
  5. Friends of mine have confirmed a two players-party can do it, but none of them can confirm a solo act. I think one of the two should have discordance iirc. If you manage to solo them, please post some screenshots. Good luck.
  6. Go to the Alchemy shop in Ter Mur and accept the 'A Mystic's Journey' quest from Ortlem the Mystic. All you need to complete the quest are these items: A lot of players have hundreds of thousands of dragon's blood vials and will gladly give you any amount for free, I am sure. As for Daemon Bones, they are not too hard to get either (e.g. in Doom or monsters in Ter Mur). Some might have one crystal ball extra on Drachenfels, just ask around on General Chat. Crystal Ball of Knowledge - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia I just looked in my chest, I am sorry, I have no alacrities fo
  7. Crystal Ball Of Knowledge, input from Stratics, UOForums and UOGuide, Satyr, plenty resources. Roughly 70-100 in one evening last time I did it. Maybe aided by scrolls of Alacrity. That is decent speed to me. Have fun!
  8. You are right, Magister_Returns. They should listen.
  9. It is very nice to hear from you, Turing. I do remember you. You once showed me the joys of the fishing skill - and how one could make money as a fisher. I have more memories with Srdolch, though. Those were great times. Thank you for responding and especially thank you for letting me know that you and Srdolch are fine.
  10. There is a lengthy article about it on UOForums: Random Magic Item Generation System - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia My understanding of what I know from experience, from talking to fellow players and from reading this article is: Shame and Wrong have basically the same system. There might be a twist, it could be possible that Shame loot emphasizes on Gargish loot if I am not mistaken, while Wrong rather yields you Mondain's Legacy loot (read: elven armour and weaponry). Covetous seems to be different: Level 1 as a very 'peaceful' place - where you can watch a rather unique eco
  11. Luckily the Knuckleheads' website proves to be reliable.
  12. Please also refer to the official EM Drachenfels website: Hm obviously they use Stratics as their official forum: Drachenfels EM Forum | Stratics Forums
  13. You did a better job than Lady Oracle, thank you! :-)
  14. Kittens are the true rulers of our world. Thank you for sharing a photo of our masters. As for your attachments:
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