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  1. the susan will eat you alive, she is evil pure evil.....
  2. i have noticed that also, but he has reciently gotten married, and i know that his wife is close to giving birth to twins, so between work and looking after the young ones he has little time to be on the net... thats just my guess thou
  3. The only reason I am set to ignoring themis that there is not enough reason to talk to anyone the game is far to easy and can be soloed
  4. for start wars nurd i am a huge one, but to me its like knight of the old republic games with revan... i haven't found any need to play it with other people, i ignore anyone that trys and talks to me, it is just when you get to level 50 and done the quests there really isn't anything else... i am going to suspend the account until an expansion comes out, just hope it is soon
  5. i am doing what i have done with most of the newer mmos and play it on my own, like in a comment before having beta'ed it i found it to be boring and just another clone of past games... that said theres really no need to play it with other people... its easy to do everything on your own if you know what your doing
  6. I have found that thou it may be lacking in actual strength i have found that it is quite deadly on the field and works better if coupled with an archer... it is... 90 ninja (+30 on jewles) 120 fencing 120 spellweave 100 alchemy 100 poison 90 healing (use enhanced bandages to make up to gm/also use faction bandages) 100 anatomy the weapon I use is a assasin spike imbued with 15 dci 15 hci hit lightning 45 hit lower defence 50 damage increase 1 ring Ninja +15 15 dci 15 hci 5 lmc 7 fire resist bracelet Ninja +15 15 hci 5 lmc 25 ep 9 fire resist with tangle, corgul sash and quiver you
  7. i am playing around with this... 120 archery 120 lore 100 vet 100 tame (add +20 with jewle set to make 120) 100 med 90 tactics 90 mage or..... instead of mage and med 120 archery 120 lore 100 vet 100 tame (add +20 with jewle set to make 120) 90 healing 90 tactics 70 chiv 30 med + 20 joat focus
  8. most of my characters are casters types, and i rely heavily on the spells the weapons are just secondry to that just a little added extra damage and thats all so i tend to carry 1 or 2 weapons and thats it, i can still make weapons with imbue that suit the purpose... but i have to admit the mr 6 on that maul is very tempting... the maul is a 3.5 second weapon so with my usual set up i have 5ssi on the ring and have dex at 114, i have gm alch on nearly all such templates and 50 ep that brings me to 150 dex and thats a 2 second swing speed, not exactly a 1.25 which is what i normally like but st
  9. i have found that alot of the shame stuff is cursed and can't be repaired, i pulled a maul with 6mr, 70 mana leech, fast casting 1, 50 hit lightning and 60 di... now to me that screams ideal for a necro chara, the only problem for me is that it is cursed.... the none repair thing doesn't bother me since its at 150/150 in effect a durability of 300... but its in my bin to be unraveled
  10. personally i thought it was a way to farm relic fragments.... since it seems to be alot cheaper unravel from them per relic frag then making knights cleevers out of gold with a bronze runic hammer
  11. i honestly didn't know that.... i have afew million, as i said its been a long time since i first started out, and of my main i gave points to any of my new faction charas to make them rank 10
  12. in order to use faction items depends on your faction rank, first joining a faction you can only use rank 1 items, and you need silver to do so, killing other faction players will increase your rank to get faction points generally 1 faction point = 1 rank i believe but nay quote me on it.... its been so long since i was at single figures on faction points....
  13. the answer is very good, two rcs can do alot in terms of killing mobs quickly for the champ to progress. with my mystic mage that happens to be a garg i have added chiv to it, -20 mage throwing weapon add that with enchant and then chiv spells you can do alot of melee damage in terms of mana usage then the mage spells when the boss is up. equipment wise, 70's dci hci lmc lrc mr 6 fcr on the weapon ssi -20 mage 40di hld hit mana (you just have to pay attention to when enchant wears off as you will lose the spell channeling, in spawns i tend to have protection up so the -1 from enchant wo
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