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  1. there are indeed player run communities, in several locations, on Catskills.
  2. polite would have been taking it down the first time I asked. ... months ago...
  3. how is being polite spewing hate exactly?? I am not part of GRI, was never part of GRI so Why would I be in a museum "commemorating the history of GRI"? and also I am ^V^ not NmE, so I dont see what dancing has to do with anything. but if you desire to have my likeness in your house to show how ridiculous it all is, knock yourself out. you seem to be the one spewing hate, all I have done is be polite and ask nicely which is more than you ever did.
  4. public relations department... please remove the 'statue' of izznet in the Olympus town house.
  5. The new tea delivery has made Shadow Moore a bit of a hot spot for new clients. One or two I havent seen in years, especially after relocating so far from my home. But the first time I saw Eyece {ice} enter I knew the world was right! Now she was a fairly common sight at the Tavern. When her travels allowed she would visit. I sauntered lazily in to Shadow Moore Tavern, my favorite place to relax and have a nice drink.!!Looking around I noticed that there were more people in the Tavern than usual; I walked up to the bar.!!“What’s wit all duh people?”!!I asked, my voice a little slurred fr
  6. *Log entry for the Saucy Vixen* Dreadful mess this miserable shipment is! A simple looting of bounty from one unfortunate ship to another should not, in any degree, cause this much trouble! Whose brilliant idea was it to investigate that frigate anyway? *a disgusted grunt of self realization* Fine, it was Mine! I wasn’t like We torched it. We just happened upon it and decided to investigate the distress of the wayward ship. I donno who this was intended for, but I hear a bit o land South of the Shadow Moore Tavern would find it of interest. Well I hope they will because I intend to le
  7. *time is of little consequence to those of the Immortal* Shadow Moore Tavern is open for business. Penelope is the Madam who is hired to run it with the assistance of some friends.
  8. ~*~ Flittering about the room that was now looking more alive and welcoming the “Shadow Moore Spirit” began to discover new skills and abilities. Finding that with a bit of concentration small objects could be moved, the game began to take shape on how far the object could go before it was dropped. There was one incident that was a bit embarrassing to the wayward haunt. Focusing all the energy on a goblet had just begun to make it move when commotion outside distracted for a split second. In that instant the goblet flew from its resting place against a wall shattering into tiny pieces on
  9. Panic slightly subsiding her mind began to focus and remember. The sword went with her Charge, she hoped, to be reunited with its owner. The dull ache in the back of her head spoke to the transfer of images and information from Watcher to Charge leaving a residue of memories pulsing in her mind. The rush and fury of activity was too much to take in all at once, but she was confident that her Charge could decipher the muddled mess of her visions. Needing to test her wings Avalon decided the short distance from the Manor to New Haven was not so difficult a trek. Her wings and back were still
  10. Floating about the Inn was almost becoming second nature for the quiet Shadow. The darkness made riding the wisps of the wind much easier than trying to skip from object to object chasing their images on the walls and floor. Learning the art of movement at will was becoming a bit more of a challenge than originally anticipated. It was becoming more plain that the form now in was not the same as what had been. The return of the lone male sent the Shadow spinning across the room almost disappearing when he lit a lamp. Ducking under other objects and finding refuge in a quiet hole the figure
  11. “Now then, where is this little house?” Izznet queried to herself as she closed her eyes summoning the images given by Avalon. “Oh, Avalon, aerial landmarks!? Really??” said with a groan and a sigh. A wonderful Watcher, but with an odd view on the world was her Avalon. “It really is good that I can change to a shape more suitable for flight, or Id never find this place.” she spoke as much to herself as to the wind. Sitting a moment to gather strength and energy Izznet drew from an inner calm in which to summon the shifting power she required. It had been a few days since her last “me
  12. The familiar tingle across her body Izznet summoned the location for the Shadow Moore Inn and transported herself back to the location. She hoped Pandora would still be there so as to assist in finding the evil little imp, the description that swam in her mind was one that would be helpful to any who sought the mad arsonist. Arriving back at the Inn there was no sign of Pandora or her steed although she figured they were close at hand still. Izznet removed a small book from within a skirt pocket to scribe a note with the description of the Ickles form she acquired from Avalon.
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