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  1. ...fer fecks sake ..now i have to go watch the entire thing...i hate you.
  2. ...am i the only one that just got the !!!! scared out of her?....
  3. Van hates me...And BECCA! come back soon hon we all miss you!
  4. Dont you dare stop talking to us! I'll miss my daily dose of Van i hate you's and i Hate you too's! I'll Dream of you! *Willow Rayne and a bunch of other split personalities*
  5. OOO i told her first!! was a few hours early but i did i did!! Happy birthday Becca!! Aganing and again! *sends her cake*
  6. I have to say, excellent report. We will work more later on. I do have to say that Ogre Lord was not happy when i stuck him a good one. *Signed* Firebrand Brenna Night
  7. I was told by Lieutenant Lucas Drachen to Sketch and take down notes of a small training including myself and Private Fiora Delucci. He then informed us that we were going to take the test for Firebrand. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Along with the corse there was an Oral Exam. To which Private Delucci and Myself passed easily. For now we wait for the next chance to pass the Physical portion of our trials. Private B. Night
  8. I'd like to take the time to thank Lieutenant Drachen and Lieutenant McCloud for coming to my aid. Had it not been for them I'd still be locked away today. I'd also like to extend my thanks to the ones who assisted them that night. Signed Private Brenna Night
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