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  1. Sparkles and I will be on tonight but won't be available tomorrow night. If the consensus is still for tomorrow night due to everyone's availablity that's okay, there is always New Years also!
  2. Esk (SAGE) Aquilon (SAGE) Argonous (SAGE) Sancho (SAGE) Lyssa (T.F) And for my daughter: Sparkles (SAGE) Gigi (SAGE)
  3. Cry havoc! And let slip the Ki-Rin's of war! I did not see an option to attach images on the new forum, is it possible?
  4. Greetings SAGE! I am an old time adventurer from UO's past (back after about a seven year hiatus), and I'm looking to be a part of a friendly guild and a place that i can call home. I'd consider myself a light RP'er, however i love to adventure and relax with a brew with my fellow mates after a long days journey! After speaking with a few members today I feel I can fit in well with SAGE based on my in and out of gaming styles. My in-game characters are Esk, Aquilon, Lyssa, Linds (the toon my 7 year old daughter sometimes plays on), and Argonir. I hope to meet you all soon and thanks for the o
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