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  1. I'm an old vet new to Chessie. My chars are all new, but I'd love to participate. I could be bait for Reds until my skills improve!
  2. Thanks, all for the replies. I am looking forward to my new adventure.
  3. Greetings all, Following a physical cross-country move, followed by only occasional play on my old Baja chars, I've decided to build a new home on the Chessie shard. I have also decided to start all my chars from scratch, in order to re-experience all my favorite parts of UO. I am a casual rp'er who and I will be building all of my chars slowly and "organically" through game-play. Also I only plan to accept specific help (such as high quality equipment) from other characters I meet in game. I will probably play a range of styles from crafting to PvM to Champs in Fel with different charac
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