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  1. I will try to get a hold of Wild and figure out a place for a mailbox. What Vesper Guard Tower were you talking about ? The one over by the Inn and Graveyard ?
  2. Posted Sept 14 on EM Site by EM Barnaby Wednesday, 9/18 – 8pm EST – Meeting with Detective Thorpe Detective Thorpe is calling upon all his investigators as well as potential new investigators to meet him at his office in Serpent’s Hold. A moongate shall be provided from the EM Hall. This meeting will be to discuss the future of the Investigator department as well as to brief everyone on the current investigations regarding the “Benambra’s Trail” story arc. All who are interested are encouraged to attend. Thursday, 9/19 – 8pm EST – “Throwing League:
  3. Patch Notes 2013 Aug 30 18:13 GMT Publish 83.0.0 Happy 16th Year Anniversary!!!!!!!! Ultima Online’s 16th anniversary gift bag will be delivered between midnight Monday, September 15th, 2013 and midnight October 14th, 2013. Characters need to be 30 days or older to receive the gift bag which contains : • a 16th anniversary pony statuette (no it is not a pink pony) • 16th anniversary gift card • 16th anniversary plant deed • 16th anniversary silver serving tray. New Potted plant deed will create a specially hued Japanese maple tree, a wall mount staghorn fern deed, a potted dieffenbac
  4. Unfortunately we have fallen a little away from that. There really hasn't been the Strong EM involvement as in the past I would like however let you know, EM Barnaby himself pulled me aside at a recent Event and asked me if the Vesper Guard would like to be active again. I told him, Heck Ya ! He was pleased I believe from talking to him that the all the RBG"s will becoming active again and have a purpose. The latest EM Investigator Mission ended in pretty much saying the RBG is coming back Hope this helps. I hope that when it gets back in full swing we can have fun like the old days wi
  5. Posted Aug 16 2013 on EM Site By EM Barnaby Sunday, 9/18 – 8:30pm EST – “Throwing League: Bullseye Bonanza” The 5th event in this season’s Throwing League will be a different one. It will follow the standard format, but bonus points will be applied to the season point totals for each bullseye! The moongate to the “Bullseye Bonanza” event will be placed at the EM Hall. Don’t forget to check out the season standings and event details at http://catskills.uoem.net/?page_id=1171 ! If you haven’t participated in the series yet, this is a GREAT chance to jump in! Saturday, 9/24 – 7pm
  6. Posted July 29th on EM Site : Heart of Darkness – 7/31, 9pm EST by EM Barnaby In the woods between Covetous and Minoc, a gaunt figure shuffled through high grass and broken branches. It was late and the stranger wore the darkness like a cloak, slowly but smoothly moving from tree to tree. If someone had observed this movement they would have thought they had caught glimpse of a wraith escaped from some ancient cemetery. Such a conclusion wouldn’t have been far from the truth. Before long the stranger emerged from the w
  7. Publish 82.0.0 Publish 82 is being published on TC1 today, it will be on Origin and Izumo on Thursday/Friday during their maintenance. The publish will go live on Monday June 24th during morning maintenance. King’s Collection Theme Pack No Price Given Yet ... • The King’s Collection theme pack will be available for purchase from the Origin store on Monday, June 24th, 2013. • The King’s Collection provides an entitlement code to be applied to your account and also a code to redeem a token to claim in game items. • Your account must have the King’s Collection entitlement to use th
  8. From EM Barnaby : June 2013 Event Schedule .... Tuesday, 6/11 – 11:59pm EST – “Throwing League: Midnight Marksmen” The third event in this season’s Throwing League will be one for the birds (well, the owls at least). The moongate to the “Midnight Marksmen” event will be placed at the EM Hall. Don’t forget to check out the season standings and event details at Archery & Throwing Leagues : Catskills ! Wednesday, 6/12-6/17 – Thorpe Calls for All Detectives Investigator Thorpe will have a new assignment regarding the recent raid of Benambra’s Treasure. You will be able to find him in th
  9. Posted May 8th, 2013 on EM Site May 2013 Event Schedule by EM Barnaby Friday, 5/10 – 8pm EST – Catskills Community Night Meet at the EM Hall in Britain for this months meeting. Saturday, 5/11 – Noon EST – EM Claudius event, “The Blood Ghosts” Meet at the Counselors’ Guild Hall in West Britain at the call of Lord Ibolin, to continue investigate the Undead Pirates. Saturday, 5/18 – 7:30pm EST – Catskills Throwing League The second event in the 2013 Throwing League. Please meet at the EM Hall in Britain wh
  10. Posted April 25, 2013 on EM Site Winter’s End: Snowball Fight! by EM Barnaby Join the Catskills EMs as we bid adieu to Winter. Seeing as it was an unseasonably warm season in Sosaria, we’ve planned a friendly battle to take place in the ice and snow. The event will pit the forces of Claudius against those of Barnaby. Each EM has already constructed their fortress, and recruited a defense force. All that is left is for YOU to decide who you will side with. Meet us at 8pm sharp at the EM Hall in Britain. Dress warm, and
  11. Posted 4/14/2013 on EM Site. April EM Claudius Events by EM Claudius Saturday, 4/20 – 9pm EST – “Queen of the Blood Coast” Meet at the Counselors’ Guild Hall in West Britain at the call of Lord Ibolin, to investigate Undead Pirate attacks on the City of Jhelom. Sunday, 4/28 – 12pm (Noon) EST – “The Shame of Victory” Meet at the Counselors’ Guild Hall in West Britain at the call of Lord Ibolin, to continue to investigate the Undead Pirates.
  12. Posted by EM Barnaby : 3/25/2013 Howdy folks. Just wanted to let you know that the Easter Holiday Event for Catskills is now live. It is a short quest involving some of the characters from a previous Easter event. You can start by visiting Wren the Florist in the Britain Farms area. Oh, and while it might seem that their requests are a bit trivial, or even odd, you will see the results of your work in the coming weeks. Of course, there is a small token of appreciation waiting for you at the end, as well
  13. Posted March 6 2013 on EM Site : Events for March 2013 by Barnaby Saturday, March 9th, 8pm – Awards Ceremony for the Catskills Archery League – After a year-long regular season, and an exciting Championship Tournament, it is finally time to crown the winner of the 2013 C.A.L. The ceremony will take place at the Fairgrounds, with moongates provided from the EM Hall, West Britain Bank, and New Haven. Saturday, March 9th, 8:45pm – Investigator Promotion Ceremony – For those who are eligible for promoti
  14. This year's Christmas gift from EM Barnaby on Catskills .
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