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  1. Hi guys. Bobondeez made a mistake and there was not enough money in his account. Due to TZ differences he could not get hold of me. Monies is all sorted now - everything is as it should be. I want to thank Adam and everyone else for all the help and Bobondeez for sorting it as soon as he could
  2. Last week I decided to sell my 3 ultima online accounts that I have had for years. I posted on here and got some interest in them. One person (Bobondeez) was particularly interested. We agreed and amount ($300) and made the trade. The paypal payment came through fine and the buyer noted receving the accounts and being happy with them. Yesterday, I received a message from paypal stating the payment has been reversed from the bank account and the funds were being held. I have tried to contac the buyer but no reply as yet. I am hoping that there is a genuine problem but I have a bad fee
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