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  1. Hello Sablestorm and Capricorn! We are all very well, thanks for asking. Our daughter is turning 3 this November and brings us much joy everyday; neither of us have much time to game, but we do try to keep up with it and in general just enjoy each day. Let us know if either of you want to try out Eldevin. We all wish you both well and hope one day to return to gaming along with you both.
  2. Hello all. It has been a long time since I have posted to you all and I hope that you are all well and still having fun gaming. Glinelril and I have often considered returning to UO but have either been to busy or just found other games to try out. Glinelril and I have both been invited to the closed beta for a new game called Eldevin (link: https://www.huntedcow.com) which reminds us very much of UO (except the game is more advanced and has many new features we always wanted in UO). If any of you want to join us, as we help with the beta process, let me know. We have two (2) beta keys and wil
  3. Haddy, you have done an excellent job of updating the map. Well done indeed. =) I miss traveling along the forested paths of our realm, I hope all of you are well and doing great. Namarie
  4. Haddy Greyhawk has passed the Trial of Passage and is granted membership to the Council of Archmagi! (Congrats!) He has selected "Ursari Archmagus" as his council title.
  5. Map updated, Esk's New location, Sparkels New location, Sagewind Savage Village
  6. * This thread will be updated at the following link from now onwards. Sage RP Threads
  7. SAGE Guild Forums We have made forums for SAGE, all members of the guild may use them as they wish. Links to all relevant UO specific sites are posted within the forums. We will still use both our guild forums and the uoforums here, to stay in communication with the general UO community. Register with your main characters name and enjoy the new forums. SAGE Forum Link --
  8. Sage Signature (Just my own creation feel free to use it) I made this “signature / banner” just for fun, use it if you all like.
  9. A nice diversity of characters you have Asbjorn, thanks for listing them. As you know, the ongoing RP storyline, its current chapter being “The Grip of Death”, has within it two known factions, one of “Light” (good) and one of “Darkness” (evil); each side has its share of players and inner subplots, all playing out within the main theme. (That being, Niera the Necromancer has managed at this point to create an “avatar” of herself, within the realms of “light”; seeking to cause mayhem and with some dark agenda in mind, this likeness of herself leads the forces of Darkness (opposed by the Cou
  10. Esk has taken the Trial of Passage, (Might) and passed, he has been granted entrance to the Council of Archmagi, taking up the duties of a Guardian Archmagus. Congrats to Guardian Archmagus Esk!
  11. The Sagewind Stronghold Dedication will be this Sunday, March 21 at 8pm pst.
  12. A villain known as “Sebastian”, was caught after slaying the wandering healer “Helen” within the Sagewind Woods. He was captured and placed in confinement at the Archmagi Tower; he was questioned but gave little insights beyond denoting his allegiance to “Niera, the dark mistress”.
  13. Template Update: If your Archmagus template contains the "Anatomy" skill and you do not use "Necromancy" as a spell casting skill, you can add the "Healing" skill in place of the "Sprit Speak" skill for a means of additional healing. Healing heals for far greater amounts and cures poison also at higher levels. However, Healing can take longer to heal then Spirit Speak, below is the formula for its healing time: Healing Time Self = 11 seconds - (Dexterity / 20) Healing Time Others = 4 seconds - (Dexterity / 60) The advantages of Spirit Speak are that is heals through all “conditions
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