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  1. Likewise, welcome back! I am on great lakes and will be happy to help out.
  2. Great Lakes has a decent enough PvP scene also but granted, More players on Atlantic... With regards to the dexxer builds for PvP, nox fencer/swprdsman does well, as do ninja's or a hybrid char like nox/stealth/fencer/ninja can be deadly. Any good caster "should" smoke a dexxer though tbh... I wouls start out by learning about all the changes and the game mechanics. e.g, if I do this x,y,z happens etc, etc, Just a note on shard selection, as long as you have a decent internet connection you should ping fine on most servers. I live in the UK and play great lakes without any issues.
  3. Hi there, I got bored of training my disco thrower and decided to revert him back to the archer he was... and stoned off music skills and healing. I decided I would relive a character I had back in 2000, an archer mage. I am using the following template. 120 archery 120 Tactics 100 anat 100 Magery 100 Eval 100 Med 80 Chiv. I already had the combat skills and I am well on the way to Gm magery.... thinking about the suit though I like to base a suit around an artifact... I plan on using magery and archery equally though so can't decide on the artifact! It needs to be a medable pie
  4. The points you raise are sound, valid and well raised. I think the idea about email the previous subscription base is a brilliant idea. I personally used to have three or four friends that stopped playing 10 years ago... we got chatting and I said, you remember Ultima online, well I still play and.... bam, two guys back online, one of them quit after the free 14 days but the other has been rolling for a few months and loves it again. We can all make a difference, you just have to shout loud enough... and if shouting doesn't do it... Kick someone... *Eyes boss accross office* (He's going to ge
  5. well I tested these "changes" last night and as they would say back in '99 this is teh suxxor, what on earth are they thinking? I was having to use teleport a lot on my mage to put distance between stuff and my sampire was having trouble with 3rd lvl spawn! although he was able to cope better than I imagined. I would urge everyone to submit feedback... they may as well have just said "well 15 years is enough... lets kill off half the player base" (that might be a bit harsh but seriously, these changes are nothing short of insanity)
  6. I will run a test later... On the other hand though, is there any realistic way to counter these changes to make the melee characters viablwe if/when they decide to roll this patch anyway.
  7. You could poison them all one by one and leave a trail of deadly poisoned fish around felucca
  8. Hmm that seems rather low... I will stone off eval later and do a tester for ya.
  9. Thats correct, but its only 100% success rate if you have mage regs in your pack if you want to use the spell, failing that you can 100% cast recall using runebook charges. also even without eval with a slayer spellbook you can still kick out reasonable damage. more than if you were not casting anyhow hehe.
  10. I' would really like to know that too! There are some incredible pieces that go on there! even though they wear out I have a few pieces saved up to build suits around
  11. Ahh I am not familiar with the ruleset there to be honest. Right well in that case you might have to look at other ways to get the suit up in terms of the luck. Can you get Leurocians mempo there? its a nice piece. Best bet would be to play around and see what works, its always good to have first hand knowledge. Have you got your suit made? there may be ways to tweak it without sacrificing the luck.
  12. There is another option though You could add in magery, then still use wraith form. Get yourself a 190 luck shield and a 190 luck slayer mage wep you would only need 2 weps. Undead/demon slayer, mage wep -10 or -20 and SC NP and if there is any wieght left on it you could have hit lower defence and your pets and you will have more effect. Now I don't know how your jewels look but I would be guessing pumping magery up to counter the -mage wep would be cool, wraith form will leech off melee too. also you will have even more luck than before that way. What shard do you play?
  13. Hi there, The minimum skill for casting is 0.00 so I would hope that with 40 points over the minimum skill you wouldn't fail. its an interesting template that you have there would be good to hear how you get on with it. Is the close wounds just for healing yourself? I count 664 skill points, if you were to drop chiv and add in 96 magery, even without eval your healing with greater heal would most likely surpass that of chiv. I notice that you said you would put the rest in med. were you to add magery instead you could regain mana using slayer spellbooks and wraith form (I believe you only
  14. Dragkiris hit the nail on the head, if you are suffering with mana then have a little play around with spell rotation. There is, however, no harm in using meditation if you have the skill, Active meditation with decent MR and high int / focus will have you back at full mana in no time, and if you have a summon chomping on nav to keep damage up its all good. Just play around with tactics and find something that works for ya!
  15. Pretty decent template there man, at 120 bushido confidence will be good enough for healing and the curse wep will be viable at those levels... damn, might just have to stone off a few skills and give this a try, got me all interested now!
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