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  1. Clex look me up on PAC ill give you a set to test if you can use them
  2. Hail if you just want to be able to pick up the items and random steal from spawn I use stealth hiding stealing magery animal lore and taming +vet on mine walk around with gd and while its killing I pick up the goods hope this helps
  3. Hail you 2 hope the family is well I am working lots good to hear from you
  4. We did the arcane arts trade deal make sure to put it to use this week
  5. Only way to not be on foot with gd is to fly ethy takes 1 slot as well
  6. Was it right next to land and did you check your access list not sure but if set to captain I think they can just re deed them never know may be some kinda bug as well
  7. What time do you play I can show you how I normally do it I use mystic Mage weaver my self
  8. Ha if the bard drank just a bit more they would had to name him cap thanks sable I enjoyed it
  9. We will have it same time as normal next week
  10. What to do its endless you can make so many diff templates I've got 5diff tamer temps and then you get the pets to train and the always looking for that best pet ever
  11. We will have it at arena again this week and will play drunken summons game as well so bring a Mage
  12. You still watching the forums here asbjorn drop me a message
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