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  1. Greetings all, Another year has passed and I hope everyone is faring well in the lands of Sagewind. Just wanted to take a moment and wish everyone "Happy Holidays", especially best wishes for the coming New Year 2012! Regards, Glinelril
  2. It seems that rum with water, sugar and nutmeg (known as bumboo), was also popular among pirates and merchantmen. Bytheway, there is a modern version of a grog that I have tried at the "City Tavern" in Philadelphia - this was a few years back when I traveled through there. Here's their "Supreme Bean Grog" recipe: 1/4 tsp. ground cinnamon 1/4 tsp. ground allspice 1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg 1/4 tsp. ground cloves 4 tbs. butter 4 c. packed brown sugar 2 c. light rum 1 c. half & half 4 c. Ellis Dock Street coffee (Optional - grated orange zest for garnish) Combine the spices in a small bo
  3. We had some bad weather here - looking forward to next weeks tavern night!
  4. Congratulations, a good fight indeed! *cheers for Henriete*
  5. Welcome to SAGE Esk and thank you for posting-up an introduction about yourself! We are always glad to see returning members and hope you will feel at home among us. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to look me up in-game, or PM me on these forums.
  6. (A minor encounter has occurred; this report was issued by the Istari Council) There was a “disturbance” at the Yew Prison, locals reported to the local Sherriff, resulting in an investigation within the region. The remains of a human male where found near to the “Lighthouse”; he appears to have been slain and his body then partially devoured by the Wyverns who frequent the area. Yew Rangers determined that a “fight” had taken place, as tracks near to the remains indicated that at two other persons, pursued the victim and fought a pitched battle. The identity of the dead man is unknown as ar
  7. Hello to all, I have a request / suggestion to the developers and community; regarding a “tamable mount” that I feel has long been overlooked in the annuals of UO history; the “Griffin” (also spelled "grifon", "gripon", or "gryphon"). Famed throughout a varied array of ancient mythological traditions, these majestic and powerful creatures could appear as terrifying adversaries or famed companion animals to the heroes of legend, found within the realms of Ultima Online. Thus I propose the following for the “Griffin” as a mountable pet. Appearance: With the head of an eagle and body of a
  8. Non alliance members who wish to take part in this event may do so, however they will not be able to engage in PvP and would be only able to role-play along and if they wish post what they witness on the forums. They may also interject and assist other alliance members by “healing” them during combat, thus providing a protective “guardian” for any friends they may journey along with (good or evil). Should they wish to join a guild within the alliance that is up to the individual guild leaders, such new members must adhere to the alliance rules and event guidelines.
  9. This is a good idea, however we have in the past designated a zone or city in which the “PvP” event/s will be restricted to; as such when a PvP event is to take place it will be announced via the “Alliance” chat and its region or city declared; during the event any alliance members who wish to take part in the event and fight, may show up to that specific location and thus be acknowledged as wishing to take part in the event and resulting potential combat. No one will be “ambushed” or harassed otherwise. In regards to “known” participations within the overall storyline, they are open for att
  10. Update: Events have begun within this new chapter of the overall event storyline: As such we have added the guidelines and rules for the event above. Faction announcement: The “Istari” council shall hold a meeting at their council hall on Saturday, January 23rd at 9pm pacific time. Gates to the event will be provided from the bank at New Haven. The Agenda for the event will be to discuss the current events and assign tasks for those who wish to aid the forces of light and wisdom.
  11. Those who wish to take part in this event may now begin requesting their characters be assigned to specific “roles” within the story line. Events are taking place at random times and places currently, keep an eye on this thread for updates and “meetings”. Remember this is a “free form” RP/PvP event, what happens, happens; trust little and enjoy the fun.
  12. "The Grip of Death": RP/PvP Story line: Quest part 1A Back-story: A stream runs cold though a darkened valley, as if it’s very waters are infused with some dread, echoes of the past still seem to haunt some regions. Common folk do not traverse at night, or graze their livestock amid the remote hills and dales, for fear of the chill touch of spirits that ran afoul in life and might stalk the dim groves, in search of unwary victims. Such is a place within the realms of Britannia, known as “Malas”, its foreboding skies and evil denizens are the stuff of grim legends that on rare occasions cre
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