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  1. I'm selling everything I own on my main account and in my house. Some of the more valuable items I have is: Crimson cintures Tangles Ornament of the Magicians Conjurer Trinkets Plenty of resources. My plot. Basically anything I've collected over the past 30 months You can PM me here or email me at ben14_28@hotmail.com
  2. Me and Wild are gathering the item codes needed to finish the project. We are missing about 12 items out of nearly 53 total items. I also photoshopped in some items that only came in deed form, that I found in the program InsideUo (The program we are using to obtain the codes). Like a wood pile and a suit of armor. Missing codes are: hitching post scattered hay on ground (Tile?) sack of flour Blue and white wall banner map of sosaria bonsai tree sextant red book advanced training dummy - south facing fruit basket gargish couch blue arcane circle pedestal with book easel with blank - facing
  3. Election Day, Jan. 22nd @ 10pm eastern at our Guild HQ, the Solamnic Order. The rolling for the scrolls went very well for our 1st time, keep up the donations!
  4. January 18th @ 10pm eastern at our Guild HQ, The Solamnic Order. We will debate some more, hang out and roll for some 120 scrolls.
  5. Hello friends, I have some news and updates, but first off, thanks to those that showed for tonight's meeting. We have 4 canidates that are running for Guild Leader. We have Zandel Que, Vivacia, Illyria and Wild. Next week @ 10pm eastern at the Solamnic Order there will be a canidates debate with me as the moderator. I will keep you posted as the campaign progresses. My involvment is entirely neutral in all of this and will let the members decide it's course. Thanks, Rodan.
  6. January 2nd @ 8pm eastern at the Solamnic Order
  7. Hello friends, I'm back again. My new computer is up and running woo hoo. Can't wait to see yall. Sincerely, Rodan
  8. Alright, here is the almost finished rendition, any ideas, suggestion?
  9. My old computer stopped working so I am borrowing my brother's comp. Going to install UO on sunday when I have time, but my old hard drive isn't working either. So that means what I worked on for the rooftops will have to be re-done. Any ideas or help is appreciated.
  10. Click on link below. Ultima Online pictures by KodiakBear2 - Photobucket
  11. Me, Bytor and Zoz got together with EM Barnaby a few days ago about this project. Due to game mechanics, we have to build around the barrels on the rooftop, so I am re-drawing the schematics when I have the time. Other than the rooftop barrels, everything else is A-okay.
  12. If anything is going on with the guild, like member additions or happenings with other guilds. I have ICQ, Skype, Ventrilo and these forums and if you need my e-mail, just ask.
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