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  1. according to the law. Yes. According to some southern guy wh didn't pay attention to the road. No.
  2. lol. My insurance isn't having to pay for it. The other guy's is. Plus he's payin for my medical and I may end up sueing him for more simply because he's a moron. Honestly the guy had the nerve to say that it's my fault he hit me cause i was in the middle of the lane.. Can you belive that? He was trying to go around me apparently.
  3. Well guys. I am up and about for the most part. Sleeping alot. And as for my bike. Yes. A complete total. Thankfully It was only my Dyna super glyde and I hadn't put to much customizing to that one. If it had been my chopper I'd be far more enraged. I'll post some pics sometime of the remains of the bike and my leg. Got some wicked new scars.
  4. This is to let you guys know Arthus was in a motorcycle accident. He's alive and getting better. At this point he is stable and going to make a recovery. He's just got a lot of broken stuff and bruises/cuts. For those wondering. He got rear ended by a truck at a stop light. Thankfully he's stubborn and refuses to die till and I quote "kicks the !!!! out of that truck driver"
  5. *holds up hands* I dudditz
  6. Shame. I was hopin to have another swing at him
  7. I made him eat dirt a couple times. They were both lucky shots honestly. but I still managed. And I saw a few of me in there too
  8. Well. I am wondering around old bueafort. Just not sure where to locate you guys
  9. *emits low rumbling fart* Someone mention tearing things up?
  10. Harley Davidson and the Marlboro man Madmax/Road Warrior V for Vendetta Sweeny Todd Hell Riders
  11. Go get em man. I'm 100% behind you. It's great to hear about another father wining the fight for his kids.
  12. You can't just beat ME2 once then quit! You have to make sure you get lucky with every female on board you also must launch probes at Uranus. Then you need to make sure everything is updated so when you play through again you'll be then finaly be semi bored.
  13. So... Anyone for some duck hunter? Halolz
  14. The only group I know who understands babble threads. You know. Ever guild I've joined sense I was in KT I tried to start a babble thread. ANd no one got it!
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