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  1. This is the forum, if youre on the fence and might just wanna browse to see what its about..The Midnight Watch
  2. I guess most issues in this post has been adressed. My little opinion - Skills are fairly easy to train, if you have a an hour or two a day to train skills you'll gm some of them in a week. Skill advantages are very short term problems, and they aint too big of a problem anyway if you ask me. I agree with the OP and with many other posters in this thread, but from what I have read and from what I know is going on ingame atm, I think we have a fine balance.
  3. Ive only been thinking of this for a little while, but today I put a few things down on paper. The official purpose of this guild/college in Britain would be to control, understand and teach magic, potions and science within the city etc etc. Anyone gifted in the magic arts would be a welcome member, however there would be tests and initiation tasks. Ive been thinking of ranks briefly, but it would look something like this: Initiate (Recruit) Aprentice Mage (Accepted member, but still a noobie) Mage (Accepted junior member) Master Mage (Full member with the trust of the whole college b
  4. If anyone has a burning desire to do this now, I wont be in the way, I only ask to be kept in the loop if and when this happens. Seeing an "official" mages guild in Britain would be a welcome sight to say the least.
  5. Ive been thinking of maybe(if i get time etc) opening one of my uo accounts again to roleplay in Britain. Those of you who know me or know of me are probably aware of my love for spellcasting. I mostly ever played a spellcaster of some sort in UO roleplay and other roleplaying games. If I was to start playing in CoB Id prefer to continue this interrest and actually try to make a gang/guild that is the "Britain Mages Guild" based out of the Britain mageshop(s). Now....how would I go about it? Would I have to rent the building(s) even if they are "owned" by the Britain Mages Guild or would I
  6. Nice post Van, totally agree. I knew you were obsessed by flowers too:)
  7. Sounds fair to me. Your actual skill have to be rather high to be able to apply/inflict higher levels of poison so no further rules need be in place since this will be "following" game mechanics onward then. In my opinion.
  8. Agreed. My opinion is restrict it to greater poison, a skilled poisoner with greater on their blade would most often bump it to deadly and with the economy/gear as low end as it is now would make it overpowered to say the least. If/when the economy and gear gets better with time people could "learn" in some way down the line to use better poisons through some in character means.
  9. It would be natural for a mage to recall in certain situations, its in their character after all. But everyone, not just the mages should/could avoid using fast travel because it eliminates "on the road rp" and random encounters that could lead to some awesome situations.
  10. I stopped logging on my Orc! characters when the only company I had was the npc's in the fort:/
  11. I only play (if even that) uo on a very casual basis, logging in here and there and casually randomly roleplay. Thats all I have time and interrest to these days. Long live orcs in UO:)
  12. I know:) But once the account is inactive theres no way to transfer the house so it will have to go idoc etc
  13. So the shamun hut is gonna start to fall at the end of this month, if you want it you gotta catch me on icq or something before that or it will fall. The account its on is gonna be deactivated.
  14. BF3 is kinda fun, atleast being a sniper with the pwnest sniper rifle in the game, camping some mountain and popping heads from 1000m:)
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