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  1. The pages have been down for a few days now.....they should be back soon i recon.
  2. Just think, you've got all those codes to use as well, all the good stuff *looks over shoulder* was there actually anything good in them????
  3. Think he's annoyed that I res killed him, I needed to get my insurance off someone. Killing Dubie is better though, 5700 each time, he's losing 11400 every time he dies. If he dies 100 times that a mill. What does he do, insure individual bandies???
  4. HAHAHA, I joined another new guild. With people that can actually PvP. Leet. They were going to allie OSG - to use as meat shields. The whole force in numbers argument. But OSG wouldn't allie because of me, so we went back on reds, after giving them 6 murder counts as they all killed our blues. We both died, but we took 8 out of 10 of them with us. Took 10 people to drop two people and 8 of them still died. I'd forgoten that PAS go over to skills every now and then to kill Cutter and his cronies. Think I'll have to start doing that.
  5. To use the staff of the magi, I recommend getting Nujitsu or Bushido, depending on what yuor template is. Then you can use those specials. But the whirlwind and crushing blow, or whatever it is can't be used.
  6. The reason nobody cares, is simply this: It takes as long as it takes. If you have a brain between your ears, you'll know to read the little message at the bottom of the screen that says "You finnish applying bandages" So no matter how long it takes, you can't speed it up. Thats why no-one should really care. I've played my tamer a hellish long time, and I've always known that it takes from now* till then* untill I can apply the next one. Its fast anyway. Most monsters can't outdamage the bandages. But my point is that a set time of 2 seconds is fine by me, and the stratics boards argu
  7. "In my defence I wasn't luring. It just so happens that I was going to obtain Dreadhorn keys. A changling targetted me and I ran back down. It followed me, so I invised. The changling then targetted said pager, I tried to kill the changling, but it killed the "afk scripter first" I do appologise Mr. GM. I had to kill the pixxies, I was afraid the dog might die otherwise. :)" But GM's on Sonoma don't seem to care about afk scripting. You can page on them all you like and nothing hapens. They concentrate more on the use of illegal programs such as Razor. I prefer this particular stance, exce
  8. I've just re-read your post. The goblet is in a box, nothing else in it, and the box weights 255 stones???? Thats wierd, does the goblet open or something. I notice that there's no weight on the goblet, there should be.
  9. Its about a second at 110 bushido, but people with 120 last longer. Maybe Wilki changed the code, or maybe its just wrong.
  10. I know someone that runs that template. Its all good until you get to the bow. You won't be able to hit diddly squat without 115+ archery. And the -buff on the weapon will def make it lower than that. Its an awful template, my crafter could take him out with his lumberjacking skill!!!!!!!!
  11. Well Cutter yet again makes himself out to be completely arrogant. Not being open to new views. I have stealth, so that I can do 80 Deathstrikes!!!!! Its quite simple really. Stealth upto someone, track them, mount up on ethy, wait a few minutes. If they move it doesn't matter. Then when they next come by, deathstrike, moving shot, dead. Or keep spamming moving shot. So cutter, I don't intend to do anything but that with him, but chiv and confidence heals are good enough for me. And you can't apply bandies in stealth anyway. Nor drink pots. And all pot chuggers are scum............ So cutt
  12. You can't heal through a well timed magic arrow spam, its not possible as the spells take the same amount of time. So if you start casting after me, your gonna fizzle. Simple.
  13. Crypt, since when were you on Sonoma???? A little bit off topic I know.............LOL But its my thread, so the OP is diverting this time. If you like the thread, add to my reputation :grin:
  14. All that for me to know something that I already know. Jesus, who cares, the vet skill is very effective and relatively fast. So stop frigging whinning like this. NOBODY REALLY CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Tab, is there any benifit in me reading 2 people argue????
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