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  1. Salutations indeed, I had the tremendous fortune to stumble across your letter, while on an unrelated matter. As daughter of the former trade minister, and a friend of your father, it seems only appropriate that I pursue this. Although at this time I can't officially represent the Duchy in a trade capacity, groundwork can be laid, and I may be able to find access to some supplies you may need in trade in the capital. Perhaps we could meet in Trinsic on Monday, at 9:15? Otherwise, it would not be overly inconvenient for me to meet with you in Britain, on Tuesday, from 8pm onwards. Kou.
  2. Mon Capitaine, I have many concerns currently, but two that I need to bring directly to you as Captain. Firstly, the barracks are refusing to feed me. As stated in my reports, the food stocks of the tavern have been redistributed (at great harm to my profits). A result of that is that I have to rely on the barracks for food when I'm on duty, and a single serving is not enough for me on a normal day when I'm not fighting crime AND fires. So, please inform the barracks to feed me enough to be able to keep up with my duties. Secondly, Iljian is threatening me with an hour in a cell for wearing
  3. (Written a bit clumsily, and much of it is a little smudged by what may most likely have been a sleeping watchman's cheek) This morning, several citizens opted to voice their discontent in peaceful protest. Among their complaints were those of a shortage of food, and so I began distributing some of the food I'd been intending to use for the tavern (meaning there's no longer any food for the tavern, or for me). Not long after that, I began to smell smoke on the air, which lead me to the Keg and Anchor, and a particularly unruly protestor who was attempting to redecorate the premises with liqu
  4. Only the replica ones for the original deathrobe graphic ones, which I think need pigments/stains. For the "elven" hooded robes, there's the cloak of corruption and the versions modified with the threads of life/death/fate, which can be worn byt humans and elves. Then the basic hooded robe for elves only. I think they only need a dye tub.
  5. It was a very nice ceremony. Thank you for holding it, and inviting the wider community.
  6. Make sure you're not in any forms, like Ninja or Necro (including vampire). Other things possible being Incognito, Disguise Kit, Savage paint. Dying should clear any funky effects like that from you, at least. If not you'll probably be needing a GM
  7. (Written quite flowingly) Today, there was nothing planned, however not long into our shift a message arrived from Yew, stating that "something" was happening, and inviting us to attend. Mysteriously vague invitations from Yew aren't terribly appealing to me, and so I volunteered to remain at the city while Alusair, Mordred and Gerrick went to investigate. I never learned what went on in Yew, however Alusair and Mordred returned unscathed, so it couldn't have been bad. While they were gone, upon patrolling the city, I discovered what appeared to be a dead sailor. The cause of death appears
  8. I recently had the same problem, and couldn't find a way to tell how long you'd be logged in. Best advice I can give is to park your character in Luna or something and sit there whenever you don't have anything better to do. The constant traffic should keep you from timing out. To find a Thief GM, I read that there's one in a random place in each city, so smaller cities are best. I was using Trinsic, which isn't really a small city at all, but by the end I was using New Mag. For training it from a pack horse, I recall it was a bit picky. You need to be guilded in order to be able to steal fr
  9. Your character has to have been logged in for something like 48 hours. Bit of a nuisance, really.
  10. Today, I was off duty. As supported by the fact Mordred had forgotten, I'd assumed I might need to remind people about the not-terribly-grand opening of the as-yet-unnamed tavern. So, I ended up at the gate anyway, and fell into greeting visitors to the city, albeit in a significantly less protective uniform. Mordred wanted to talk to the duke about something private. While they were discussing, Calluna's husband arrived, and from what I could gather from their conversation he'd thought that she'd been taken, and so gone in search of her. Meanwhile she, thoroughly untaken, remained around Tr
  11. Today we met with Colonel Clegg in Serpent's Hold, regarding the key for the locked box that no one's been able to open in a really long time. Before that, I spoke with the duke at the West Gate. He expressed a concern about his cherry orchards being diseased, and I suggested that maybe my ability to extend my healing to others might work for trees. I don't know if it'll work, but there's a good chance there'll be no harm in trying. So tomorrow I'll go and loiter amongst the trees. Then, we met in Serpent's Hold. Those assembled filled Colonel Clegg in on the progress made towards locating t
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