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  1. Yes, the work issues are sorted out now, I quitted it and started to get a better education, so in one year I might turn up to be a businessman wich gains alot more money I never uses ICQ anymore (still have the number though) and same with MSN, but since I got my mail hacked I lost my MSN aswell and haven't got myself a new one yet so the only place where I hang around nowdays are facebook...
  2. I couple of days ago I found this forum along alot of other bookmarks and thought about the good old UO days So I made a little post just to show that Manderville is still alive but not around yet... I hope everyone is feeling fine and it's good to see you guys are keeping the Templar spirit alive I would love to help the Templars again but right now I don't have the time for it. I misses you lot. Cheers Manderville
  3. One day when I woke up on my bedroll inside my tent, I felt the icy cold air making my old limbs stiff and full of pain. While stepping out of the tent and watching the endless grey sky above was a depressing sight and clowded the mind. Not even the crackling fire on the ground could warm me up. This could turn up to be a good day to think about the past, the past of once being a Knights Templar, living in Templewood, fight for justice, defending the innocent and defeating the evil. Atleast this allways gave me a warm feeling inside and a smile on my lips. But this was the past, long time ago
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