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  1. I'm all in for this game. Yes at it's current stage it's not for everyone and going in this early can put people off, so yes a tricky decision on thier part. But I'm happy they made it and it's really moving along as we approach pre-Alpha Release 14.
  2. New General 2013 Oct 30 14:22 GMT Author: EM Drosselmeyer The crystal crackled and sputtered in her hands as she poured her considerable magic into it, causing the ground around her to tremble with the power...but soon enough it calmed, and nothing had happened. She had assumed as much might happen...a focal point was needed, and the crystal alone couldn't do it. It needed something stronger, something more powerful...and that was when she thought of the perfect spot. And the best part was, almost nobody was ever there. With a wicked smile adorning her face, she gestured over to Shanty. "A
  3. Welcome to the best game out there. While we may not have "cutting edge" graphics the amount of things one can do is tremendous. So don't get overwhelmed and don't try it all at once. Enjoy the game and let me know if I can be of any help. I play on Chesapeake and Seige Perilous Se'an Silverfoot
  4. Finally managed to put a few nickels together and went for the Founder status. Getting to citizen status would be nice, I hate paying taxes on my home, real or imagined! But I don't foresee my being able to loosen up that amount of cash. Still all in all the game so far looks interesting
  5. Thanks Adam, I think it adds a little something different.
  6. I'm an IPBoard fan. Lots of options and fairly secure system. Just costs $$ each year to keep current.
  7. Love the update to IP boards. Nice system with a ton of options. I'm hoping Adam adds the Members Map. I did it on my son's band site and it's really interesting to see where folks are at. You can take a look at it in action here http://boards.theblackdotsofdeath.com/index.php?app=membermap
  8. Here is a listing of the newly elected Governors for the 2nd election cycle Jhelom - Sherry Shar (repeat) Vesper - Lady Ivy (repeat) Minoc - Victor II (repeat) Trinsic - Phoenix (repeat) Yew - Mark West (first time) Skara Brae - Badger (first time) Britain - Sarberius (first time) Moonglow - Lauren (repeat) New Magencia - Gareth (repeat)
  9. It has come to my attention that the Origin store is having issues with their email. This means that if you buy something you will not get an email with the code. They estimate it taking several days to fix this issue. I am asking everyone to not purchase anything from the Origin store for a few days please. As soon as they tell me its fixed I will post to everyone and let you know. Mesanna
  10. Welcome back! So far looks like your getting good suggestions for information gathering
  11. Firstly, I've tried clearing the cache in both browsers to no avail. I'll try again when I get back from Aruba. @dendra, Without our reporter's ability to glean information from the "official" forums it gets kinda hard. UOHerald is rarely a help for updaed game info and there aren't really a lot of UO fansites left IMHO
  12. Chrome, I'll try another browser as a test just did, same thing with Firefox
  13. No such luck for me, I either get "Error establishing database connection" or "User name not found" That's a lot of down time for the official forums lately. I hope they get it worked out.
  14. Article link Second Wind: Ultima Online by Brianna Royce on Jun 28th 2013 10:00AM When I (legally) sold my Ultima Online accounts in 2000 for the hefty sum of $1800, the game was already three years old and being challenged by the likes of EverQuest and Asheron's Call. I thought I was done forever. My guild was eyeing Dark Age of Camelot, and I wanted to cash out and rid myself of the chore of maintaining a dozen grandfathered houses on the dying half of a shard struggling to find its footing in a post-open-PvP ruleset. I was wrong. A year later I was back in UO with a new account,
  15. The original programmer of the first Madden football game is $11 million richer today, thanks to a jury ruling in U.S. District Court -- and there could be much more money on the way. Robin Antonick claimed that his code, which was used in the original 1988 version of the franchise, was subsequently used in later versions of the game without his knowledge. He took EA to court in 2011 to sue for royalties and interest, originally in the amount of $16 million. The jury returned the verdict in Antonick's favor late Tuesday after three days of deliberation, saying the Madden games between 1990 and
  16. Orgin Store Issues Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2013 Jun 25 17:16 -0400 GMT I was just told by Origin that they know what the problem is that resulted in multi codes not being sent. The good news is the charges for the 2nd and 3rd item failed . They are removing the ability to purchase the Kings Collection and should be back up and fix after 5 pm EDT.
  17. Candidate Scores as of Friday afternoon est: Only cities I have access to Yew: CaT = Etheral Void Imperium - 100% Minoc: Victor II - NorthEast Coast Cooperative - 100% Vesper: Se'an Silverfoot - Army of The Dragon - 28.2% Lady Ivy - NorthEast Coast Cooperative - 71.7% Jhelom: Sherry Shar - House of Silverfoot - 100% Skara Brae: CharGar - Loyal Friends of Virtue - 100% Britain Angelica - Taking Care of Business - 66.6% Daria Blackmoore - The Royal Britannian Guard - 33.3% New Magencia: Priscilla - Outlaw Women - 28.9% Gareth- Etheral Void Imperium - 69.2% Magic - Sorcers of Anarch
  18. Se'an Silverfoot has been endorsed for Govenor of Vesper Se'an promises ample Vesper ale and Skara tobbac for all citizens of Vesper if elected.
  19. [h=%1\$s]%2\$s[/h] DAISY WYATT FRIDAY 24 MAY 2013 He has played Dracula, Frankenstein's monster and the evil wizard Saruman, but the actor Sir Christopher Lee is only now fully exploring his dark side, when releases his first heavymetal album next week. The actor, who has starred in the Lord of the Rings, Hobbit and Star Wars franchises, is releasing his fourth album Charlemagne: The Omens of Death on 27 May in time for his 91st birthday. The record, which features track names such as “Massacre of the Saxons”, “The Devil’s Advocate” and “The Ultimate Sacrifice”, is likely to appea
  20. I know they've had a post up for awhile about a delayed maintenance, perhaps it finally happened?
  21. #3 , #2 would be my choices, #2 would be dark, not that I like it that much, I think it's too "metallic"
  22. Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season!
  23. I don't see prepaying your account fees in advance as an advantage. Besides I never saw Vet rewards as having any advantage game wise, none of the items, IMHO, are game breaking in any way.
  24. ROFL, you ever been in a real outhouse? This definitely stores more sh**.
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