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  1. Just letting everyone know that Taven night is every Friday for those who wish to join in and catch up with friends it is being held at The Merry Meet Taven & Boarding House [s.A.G.E] at 8pm pst.. For those who dont have runes gates will be made avalible Hope to see you there Corvus
  2. Hi everyone I am just reminding everyone that Our Taven night is on Fridays at 8pm pst it will be held at the Merry Meet Taven & Boarding house all are welcome, I look forward to seeing you all there Corvus
  3. Hail! I am holding a Taven night every Friday at 7pst come join me at the Merry Meet Taven and Boarding House. There will be gates made avalible so all is welcome, tell a tale or two and enjoy some great company .... Corvus
  4. Most intresting, I shall keep an eye open for any suspicious people
  5. The SAGE Tavern Night will be starting at 6:30 pm PST at the SAGE tavern, Merry Meet Tavern and Boarding House located Northeast of the Britain swamp, 59o 52'N, 53o 22'E. Corvus of SAGE is the tavern keeper and will be happily greeting all and seeing that your glasses are kept full. Come join us and share your tales of adventure and relax, raise a glass or two and visit with your allies!
  6. I want to point out also for those who do play WoW( World of Warcraft) the vent details are for UO Sage and UO Alliance players only ,not WoW(World of Warcraft) alliance players, please understand and respect this thank you ... this might of been the confusion o.O maybe?
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