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  1. thanks for the update, really expecting this
  2. Thank you, will do this tonight or tomorrow evening. I like RP, i was playing on RP private shard few years ago i know a good deal about RP and i love it (though i did not get to much in to the UO in general as PVE/PVP, don't really know the mechanics etc) talk to you soon.
  3. Hello, i am new player to UO, and i am looking for a guild, i have been playing for few months like 6 years ago, but that's all, so i consider my self absolutely new. Do you guys recruit/take under your wing new guys? Thanks
  4. Hey all, I am new player coming to the game (been playing back in the days but not much so i consider my self new as i have no idea whats going on anymore), and i was wondering if there is any guild that can have me under its wing, i like PVE, RP and i would like to activley participate in, fast learner (for UO i guess it will take me some time ). Cheers, in the meantime i will be exploring )
  5. tixoo


    well i am not officially accepted but i hope to be pretty soon. will do watch out for the events, thanks
  6. tixoo


    hey just wanted to drop by and say hi im new to ultima online, and new to -v- (hope soon ) and i just wanted to introduce my self my name is Konstantin i am from Bulgaria, 25 been playng on ... some other shards (RP hardcore) but in general ultima is new to me, i have been doing only rp so far i am just walking around and killing some titans etc hope to hop in the RP soon hope i see you soon in game and on some events
  7. is there any guild that i can tag along with ?
  8. thanks for the warm welcome back
  9. Hi all, i used to play for few months back in the days, and now i just came back for good. happy to see many people still play this amazing game, on europa just wanted to drop by and say hi havea great day all cheers
  10. Hello all, i just started over UO again, and i am planing to stay. I just wanted to say Hi to all people, most probably you dont remember me anymore but still hope to see you all in game soon. cheers!
  11. i am not aware of things like that so i make my own report of each event
  12. Some of the screenies i have made of the coronation
  13. but wud it be interesting and wud it help with the recrutment ?
  14. This was verry interesting and helpfull training thanks
  15. I know im new in UO and stuff but i was wondering about this idea Dont know how much it is possable to make, and if its efective at all but here it is: Knight duels, where the king and queen come there to (if there are any charrs like this) and mostly the most popular people in the country come to watch from the best plases and all others from somewhere els but they can see also the king and queen and the other popular people, also people can participate at the Knight duels and chalanges if they wish. the idea is not full i got a big vision on this one but tell me first if its posabl
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