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  1. What we really need is a tavern not affiliated to any guild, one where all role players can go without fear!
  2. At last, factions being fixed! Whats the bets its council of mages that get the boot!
  3. Name: Olaf Hulvieg Current Rank: Private Joined the Army: 25th/10/09 Character History/Background: Olaf grew up on the cold and snowy Dagger island where his clan had lived for many generations. He soon grew bored and set off toward Trinsic where he had heard there was guard work to be had. He got the job soon after, but quickly it became apparent that Olaf had a cruel streak to him. Days were often spent beating up handcuffed or chained prisoners, drinking in the local taverns, "taxing" citizens or simply snoozing rather than doing his job of protecting the city. Having been demot
  4. I am training chivalry so this is very helpful, thanks!
  5. Hi, this is Hayden from next door! I found your forums yay! I'm sorry to hear about this fight, how are you?
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