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  1. Guardsmen Militia *You're to give 5 or more guardsmen a lesson in the different types of bows, including ones we don't usually use, or are not allowed to* Today I decided to get my long overdue task of holding a lecture on bow weapons to the guards. I explained how the crossbow, heavy crossbow, repeating crossbow, bow and composite bow works best. I included the range of the weapons, the best way to utilise the weapons design for optimal results and what it was made of and such things...
  2. Guardsmen Militia *Place 20 Guardsmen recruitment banners across sosoria, a report with pictures must be provided* *leans back in his chair and awaits the next task*
  3. Guardsmen Militia *Lead 5 or more Guardsmen to Chaos to kill a handful of Balrons, you must have the Guardsmen form and cross-heal, rather than skirmish them. It is time Guardsmen relied on eachother more. A report with pictures must be provided* Seven of us departed from Stonekeep to slay five balrons at the chaos shrine in Ilshenar. I would have liked to have atleast a couple Besiegers with us so we could stand toe to toe with it easier, but only archers and two Covian mages joined in the hunt. Regardless we prevailed and we slayed the five required balron's without skirmishing.
  4. They are doable (and fun) in rp gears. As long as the numbers are well above 10!
  5. Im gonna swap to W7 once it is out of beta.. (Hate Vista)
  6. I love the way the new Beufort looks, I like it alot. So well done *claps*
  7. Thou speakest the truth:) Already I have felt its withering effects on my "pouch of economy" :X
  8. In 8 months im gonna have a baby:) YAY!
  9. Bagball is a great game, and occasionally a tournament is held somewhere. When it comes to combat tournaments there is a couple that is held regulary. Trinsic Fight Night and Vesper Ironman. They both have nice prizes for the winner.
  10. Sorry for my inactivity at this time. My time for UO is greatly limited now that ive just started a new job and moved to a new place. And the time I do have for playing goes into exploring SA in all the ways possible. This will change tho, in the not too distant future im sure hehe.
  11. The Heavy archer suit is a classic and nice looking thing. I for one wouldnt hate to see that. Only question is, what kind of footwear...boots? what kind of color? As long as the boots aint also blue then its fine heh..
  12. Colored uniform for certain ranks (Knights etc) ? I am one who cares alot of how my character looks. There is a new coloring system coming after the 8th of september that can alow us to dye our armor and most of everything else in unique colors, one of wich is very close or spot on our KT blue. Personaly I think it would look cool if some higher ranks had his/hers arms/sleeves colored this color. Most other guilds has it and it works wonderfully. Below is a link where you can see the different colors, and how to obtain them. The blues looks really nice. New Staining System What do you th
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