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  1. The hot tub it can get ooh so cold out in the snow. also of the North pole, you cant forget about Santa lol The Room of pain Random loot from hunting Alchemy Fishing The study along with another bedroom Tailor room Last the blacksmith along with servant quarters
  2. After all my years of playing UO I took the time to deco and take pictures of the house, All though I wish we could customize castles we still can not so I have done my best with what UO gives me Front doors Main room Roof top Garden Library Bedroom one of my favorite places The kitchen I also spend alot of time here
  3. Selling 25k Silver for 4 mil pm or icq 127782659 on LS
  4. I remember some of the names but it seems few and far that you meet people who have been on LS for a lonnng time. I only know one person from when I started playing.
  5. I have a almost empty keep that is sitting doing nothing, I need some idea's on how to deco it OR have someone deco it for me ( on LS ) just having a brain fart :tard:
  6. Wow, good to see someone is putting a luna house to good use! rather then your neighbor to the west.. * cough * wasted space
  7. eeeek! I hope you get everything fixed when i was having a bad day, I posted up my accounts and he was the first to email me. lucky I backed out and decided to keep them. Hopefully you can get your accounts back all though if you have the key from when the account was made you could call EA and have then change the ps and email back over to you.
  8. Marianna opened her eyes to have blurry vision after her fall, trying to push herself up she gasp as a fiery burn shot down her back. A nearby voice said “Child lay still or you are going to hurt yourself even more.” Marianna felt a warm touch on her back, then a cool tingling feeling spread outwards. “Who are you? Where am I?” Marianna asked. “In due time child, you must relax, I am Kahlan a Phoenix.” She said. Marianna rolled over to see whom she was talking to. A brilliant fiery red bird that lay next to her, you could tell the age in her but none the less stunning. “How are you talking
  9. OOC: if you have questions please feel free to PM me Intro Starting out life in the small town of Moonglow Marianna Syndael's child hood was quite and fun for a young playful kid. With her two twin brothers, Lael Syndael, Jozef Syndael and her sister Chasey Syndael. Marianna's teachers soon grew fond of her in thier classes as she quickly excelled passed her siblings and class mates in the studies of magic and alchemy. A few years went by and Marianna, her parents and siblings soon moved to the shore of Moonglow as the town grew so they could keep out of the hustle and bustle of the c
  10. I was in a bunch of different guilds, Fate OoW, WoV, OMEN, Roisiin pilatus, marianna syndael, lael syndael Cosimo DeMedici, Xavier, baal,l chasey lane azazel, SIR NONPLUS ,Jozef
  11. Hello everyone, I ran across this site looking around on google for UO stuff, I use to play back in the day a couple years ago and quit not to long after AOS. I have started to play again. I have tried to get in contact with all of my old friends on LS and my old Guild mates but no one plays any more :'( I am looking for a large active guild I can become a member to and have some old fun all over again.
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