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  1. This didn't happen to be but to one of my friends. Years ago my friends created the town of Paws just south of the Britain farms. Most of it was in the guard zone, but we created an arena just outside the zone so we could gate in monsters for fights. One day, my friend was recalling to the shop nearby and someone had left a bunch of lich lords roaming around the area. He popped in, got killed by the lich lords, a lich lord looted his one and only house key then got killed by the town guards. We got it fixed eventually but he had me laughing. All he could do was send in GM tickets that said "
  2. First time I got in game I was like "Yeah! Ultima! Let's go fight an orc!" Ran out west of Britain and found one. Started fighting it and got pked and laughed at. Good times.
  3. I hope you get well soon, Kahlan. Take it easy.
  4. Yeah I make up stories when I've had too much Trystwine
  5. Oh man. You should have been there, Kahlan. There was dancing and we all sang raunchy bar songs. Then we all got into a huge brawl with lightsabers and bazookas. That's when the giant bat swooped in and took the roof off the building and kidnapped Cap. We all stumbled drunkenly after it and killed it with our broken bottles then roasted it up and had a big feast. It was awesome.
  6. Thank you for the hunt. I had to leave early because I lost track of everyone and I was getting alot of mom agro in rl. I had fun anyway
  7. Dang-it. You took the picture while I was making goofy faces.
  8. I'm kind of the same as Kahlan. I like any tracks that sound good. Rap, Hip-hop, Rock, classical, folk, metal, I even have some sci-fi and parody music. I like Rammstein and Rob Zombie lately though. Whatever my mood is that day. Also I'm sort of a big Gary Hoey fan. I'll listen to his Hocus Pocus while I'm playing my mage sometimes. [video=youtube_share;X0rAlUqVUAE]
  9. Yeah I know I have a hard time with that lately. I used to roleplay all the time, but lately I just want to hang out with people at tavern nights and events. Maybe if I got a story going I'd have something to roleplay about or something.
  10. I learned that trying to cast animated weapon on the stable master gets me eaten by my opponents pet. I didn't win any battles tonight but I got some more spells off in the group battle, so I'm happy with that. Another fun night.
  11. Spandy Andy is pretty awesome. He's gained another subscriber here.
  12. It was Herbal Splendor. That's what I was thinking of.
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