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  1. I'm looking for a player by the name of Tara Sedai. This player owns the land where my old house was and just want to see if they are interested in selling their large tower.
  2. I double clicked on my 12th anniversary cake to see if it did anything and my character ate it. LOL
  3. Its ok. I'm hoping that satellite will be better than this dial up. I'm still able to play UO on dial up especially now since I have a more up to date computer. I just need to replace the onboard graphics card and maybe 1 more GB of memory. Still, I would like to be able to do larger things that require broadband.
  4. Well Tancred, its because the good internet services simply aren't available in my area. I really don't like it when people say that. Its like you telling me I had all the internet options on the table and I chose dial up. That is not the case. If DSL was available to me, I would've had it day 1.
  5. Ok, so you were able to run as fast as everyone else? I know on dial up I can't run as fast as anyone else. I take a few steps, lag a little, then run a few more steps, lag a little. Also, how fast are your actions when you had satellite? When you casted a spell was it instant?
  6. I think my area is on the EDGE network when it comes to mobile broadband. Everytime I look for mobile ISPs they always have high proces and bandwdth limits. I will surely need an unlimited bandwidth provider and something that isn't as laggy as EDGE. But then again I have never used EDGE, I just have read its high latency as well.
  7. I'm in the main forum page chat if you want to open up a page for that and talk to me in chat. Ijust want to make sure I won't need a backup dial up account to play online games, and use satellite to download and web surf.
  8. Ok, did you ever use team speak or ventrillo with UO? Was that possible? When I played UO back in 2001 to 2006 I was on dial up as I am now and the only real problem I had was not being able to run fast. Everyone around me was way faster than me and I couldn't keep up with anyone. However, I was still able to do everything in the game with just about any amount of people. Laggy yes, but in most cases I was still able to get alot of spells off when it mattered.
  9. Would you ever get disconnected from lag? Was PvP and PvE a no hassle?
  10. We will probably be getting satellite internet soon. DSL and cable isn't available where we live. I want to ask if anyone plays UO on satellite and how it is? Are you able to play? Do you get disconnected alot?
  11. Hey guys. Back in January I created a newb account to see what was going on in the world of UO and I had intentions of comming back to UO fully at the time but I couldn't. I am in the process of getting a vet account to return to UO on and I was wondering which guild was it that took in Velos, my new character. I know you guys helped me out and gave me some items and some of those are still in a box that a guildy friended me to. If I don't reopen the newb account, I can get that stuff out on my vet account soon. Sorry for not keeping in touch for so long. I hope to see you guys and everyone
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