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  1. Hi all, I am a returning player who hasn't played in about five years. Getting my feet back on the ground and all that, but I was looking for a guild to participate in. I would rather play PVE and craft, as I'm not to fond of PVP. Any guilds out there that would be interested in me, please send me a PM here on the forum or post a reply. Thanks! Ravan
  2. I died on a boat and was able to guide it back to a dock. However, I had the plank locked and couldn't open it. Go to combat mode and double click for the emergency exit and couldn't run over half way off the plank, kept rubber banding back into the boat. Ran a second account over to res and even after grouping my ghost was invisible, and couldn't target for the res even while on the plank to the dock. Had to load up the 2d client to be visible for a res and to get off the boat, by which time my corpse had decayed. This probably needs to be looked at a bit, fortunately I was all insu
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