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  1. Hey folks, I haven't played the game for a couple of years and decided I'd have a go at SP. Is there anyone who would like to lend me a hand to get started or can point me in the direction of someone that can The plan is to play some kind of mage type character, so if anyone could help me out with some LRC that would have been awesome! Cheers
  2. Now for an RP character I wouldn't say that skills are the most important thing to worry about. While that being said I don't know your character's style. But with poisoning as a 'main' skill I would consider going perhaps hiding/stealth or maybe tracking/detect? As for the spellweaving skill. With lvl6 focus don't you cast 5 pixies at the same time? If you decide to cast pixies in the middle of a battle you'll have difficulties releasing some of them =) But my guess is that gift of renewal and attunement would be priceless in a no-magic item environment. Especially with lvl6 focus
  3. I went and tried the spellcasting route and so far I like it. Surely you can get more out of a mystic mage or a chiv archer, but it's enjoyable and that's why I play this game. It's not awesome in 1v1, but it has its uses in team fights
  4. You should really consider dropping or stoning off poisoning as it has very limited use. For pvp an ability that uses 40mana(Base) and is removed instantly with a potion is just not worth 100 skill points. Instead take up healing. On your suit you'll want to have 100lrc 40lmc lots of mana regen and stam increase and for pvp you will want to have hit point increase as well 120 archery 120 resist 105 necro 100 ss 90 tactics 90 healing 90 anatomy is what I would have gone if I were to make a necro archer. If you really really want to have poisoning I would drop resist and carry trapped b
  5. a mage/necro would be slightly better for spawning in my opinion and mage/mystic slightly better for pvp. They both have their advantages. If you were to go mage/necro/mystic you would have to drop resisting spells and meditation. Mediation is fine as you'll have 120 focus, but I personally don't like fighting without magic resist. But that's up to you =)
  6. Welcome back! 1. Regarding templates is depending on your playstyle really. If you like to run a stealther, an archer, a mage etc. There are quite a few compatible templates. If you're running a mage I would suggest a necro mage or a mystic mage. Seems like almost every mage is running mysticism at the moment. I'm not running a pure dexxer at the moment but I've seen quite a few fencer/archers. What they do is disarm, bleed, then run after you with a fast bow. There are also bushido swordsmen that uses a bokuto with the nerve strike special ability, which is really annoying. I'm sure others
  7. I have no idea what this means though *grins*
  8. That does sound like it would be rather amusing Yelena About chiv, isn't the same rule applied for mysticism as for magery, that you're capped at 2 fc? I think I read something about it somewhere
  9. Thanks for the quick response. I was also considering switching out anat+heal for spellweaving/chiv like 95/65 or so and switch around to 60 dex->100 stam with items and 110 int. Use mystic as primary way of attacking and archery as secondary with 2/6 casting. I don't really want to go without resist in pvp, I find that once people find out I get para spammed.
  10. Does anyone have experience with one? What template would be the most effective? I was concidering this: 120 archery 120 focus 120 resist 110 mystic 90 tac 80 anat 80 heal 80 str 125 dex 45 int Run around with a pre-cast spellplague and unleash with the bow. I guess you'd need 100% lrc and 40 lmc. But would it need 2/6 casting? Or perhaps 2/0 or 2/3 (orny) The items to use I guess would be (faction) Spirit of the totem Stormgrip Primer tali Crimson (Orny) then imbued armor pieces with stam, lrc, lmc and hpi jewels with hci, dci, di, dex What kind of bows would you run with?
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