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  1. The smell of home, blood and pain, were the first thing to hit him as he appeared. The oldest bloodletter was first to meet him at the door. "Your back. Is all well?" Kyonshi came storming in and slew one of the younger servants. "Can't you do something sir?" Larson, grasping the old man by the neck and grining says "You just pray I don't do anything." Dropping the man and pushing past him, he says "Do your job, clean this up. I'll deal with things in my own way." He begins walking down the stairs and kicks open Kyonshi's door, "So here you are." "I did what you told me. I used
  2. Good job Corvus had a good time thank you
  3. well we can do that how ever you want sable we can have the alliance meeting after guild meeting if time is all messed up or we can have it some other night this week
  4. Just give me the date and what town you will be at i will gate thee .
  5. We will be having drinks, telling tales, and making stuff up every Tuesday night starting at 6:30 PST. The main building where these will be held at is the merry meet tavern owned and run buy Corvus. We are lucky enough to have at least 3 player ran taverns in sage, so we may end up jumping around from one to the next. All the sage homes are in a open book in the guild hall. Any are welcome to join in. Drinks are all ways free and gates are available, just ask a member or yell in alliance chat. Hope to see you and be sure to thank Corvus for running this event.
  6. Well how about first sunday of the month at 8pst
  7. I miss the tents more than anything . I also wish the spawn would still chase you in to the player made gates. Let's go all the way back.
  8. I may be wrong or have forgot but couldn't we tame those wyrern's at that time ?
  9. You are most welcome to use the dancing demon tavern on top the Q#E Arena anytime you like.
  10. I wanted to be lured
  11. Thank you for this week's wine
  12. when will the next one be miss
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