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  1. Duncan was sitting in his den, catching up on his mail and nursing a sore throat when he received a message by courier. Messages usually did not bode well and often spelled bad news. The last time he saw saw a mark from the City of Trinsic it meant his father had died, he tried to keep his hands from shaking as he opened this letter.... It was from his mother with some news about his cousin, and asking him and his brother Gilthaniel to return indefinately to help her on their estate. Now that he was the head of the familiy, she was reminding him that he had some duties to needing looking aft
  2. Dungeon Rescue Training Mission is a Guild Event Participants: This event is held as a training mission for recruits, turcopoles, and esquires, but all may attend and participant. Please come prepared with armor repaired, aids, and potions, and equipment. When: Saturday Oct 3, 2009 at 5pm bst or 11am est Meeting: Fort Beaufoir Objectives: Sir Gendin is missing is Ice Dungeon. The team is to locate and find him. Aid and ressurect him if necessary and bring him back to to fort Beaufoir safely and unharmed. Training Skill Objectives: Communications and Teamwork
  3. I am having several ideas about storylines, though I would love to have the input of others to brainstorm it into implementation Storyline 1: I am thinking about playing around the line the gargoyle gave me that was suppose to be an insult. " He is more than what he seems." Not sure how many of you really know Duncan, but he is more of a subtle thinker than a person of action. Though he is decisive, he will think first and act second. He is not a follower though. It would be wonderful if at this time his ability would be starting to be seen..hence the above line. Since it was seen that
  4. Just to remind everyone this is a Training Event Open to Everyone But Particularly For Recruits - Esquires. Meetings Place: Fort Beaufoir Time: 5pm BST Saturday Oct 3, 2009 Event: We will be leaving fully equipped to search for the lost Lord Gendin in Ice Dungeon. I have received a message that he had to go into the Ice Dungeon for an important reason only to fall to some doom. It is not known where he is alive or unconscious, and what aid he will require. Objectives: The team will go to Ice Dungeon to search and locate Lord Gendin. Good Communication and teamwork skills will be required,
  5. *looks over the babble and does not see much to bather about really, shrugs and walks away* Sad is it not when all the babble and bather is pretty boring. *grins* I am presently enjoying the mountains and scenery in Banff B.C. and will be coming home to Montreal Canada late tonight. Will be back at work tomorrow. Have fun people. Duncan
  6. This is a notice on two issues: 1) FYI- Gilthaniel and /or Duncan will be busy during the next weekend. They will be attending a conference out of town. THey will try to be in game but it is not guaranteed. 2) As such, Training of all Turcopoles and Esquires will be therefore held next Saturday-first Saturday in October. In attempting to organize training, I would ask each individual to please give me all feedback (both positive and that he/she would like to see implemented) in a pigeon 92278762. This would allow me to organize this feedback in a meaningful way. Also anyone who seriou
  7. Due to real life issues, this event will have to be postponed to the following weekend. Further details will follow. Sorry guys. Both Duncan and Gilthaniel will try to make it on today before dusk.
  8. Time: Approximate evening on the day in which Sir Gendin Grand Templar was meeting to discuss the independence of our residence of Templewood. Precursors: Sir Duncan McKinley,KT Cavalier arrived on the scene and was briefed by Sir Reiver -his duty was to guard the doors from anyone other than those with business to enter-nobleman of the grd. During that evening, the scene as follows: -a female archer of rank -a First Besieger by the name of Tommy (forgot last name) -a (young) male named matthew who was indicating the status of having had a liqueur or two. The male named matthew
  9. Given the type of combat that is required in tight quarters and the need for teamwork that seems to be demanded, I propose for the training and fun of all including all recruits, turcopoles, and esquires the following: On Saturday the 19th of September at 5pm bst we, the Knights Templar meet at the Fort Beaufort prepared to set forth. I ask for the help of all knights, including recruits, turcopoles, and esquires to help rid the place of evil called Daemons Temple on Fire Island. By working together, we can cleanse this place of its filth. Walk with the Virtues Brethran. Should you hav
  10. Sir Duncan McKinley sat at his new front desk and took a breath at the paperwork that was now piled up to be done. Sighing he knew that with each advancement came responsibility. Now as a cavalier, he had more than he had envisioned than when he came a few months ago as a recruit. *He smiled at the memory, seeing his knightly father talking to him sternly before he left for Fort Beaufoir in the morning. His father looked older than he remembered and a bit pale, but still proud and honorable in his Knightly robes, and the rewards he had been given by the City of Trinsic and other places and
  11. With the blessing of the Virtues, and the Guidance and Honor bestowed on me today by Milord Grand Templar Gendin, I Sir Duncan McKinley Cavalier do accept to begin the training of Recruits, Turcopoles, and Juniors/Esquires. Plans for the training will consist of the following: -Individual and Group Training sessions -Events -Search and Rescues -Dungeon Hunts -Teamwork strategies -Combat footwork and skills -Etiquette and Roleplay In addition, those who participate in training sessions will be eligible for rewards and recommendations upon completion. An example of a reward: A Holy Sword
  12. Due to the flareup of my illness at this stage of my life, I have decided to remember that this game is for fun not for adding stress. If you believe otherwise let me know, and I will tender my resignation. For those who wish to carryon and implement my plans, please let me know..otherwise...so be it. Duncan
  13. Just a warning post, I have been suffering lately with borderline lupus flareups. Though I have not needed to go to the hospital yet, it is a distinct possibility. I am older than some of you know and my spouse is a doctor. We are monitoring me carefully. Please be advised that I may have to leave the game suddenly because of illness or because I have to go to the hospital.
  14. On Saturday September 5th at 3pm bst (11am est), the training of Recruits and Turcopoles will commence. The meeting place as of now will be at the Fort. Bring your aids, potions, and your best foot forward. Upon completion of the course, prizes and awards may be given, as well as my recommendations. If you wish to come or have any suggestions or thoughts please send me a pigeon at 92278762. I will of course look forward to seeing you all then *salutes right fist on chest* Signed, Sir Duncan McKinley, Cavalier
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