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  1. Well... A bone lich [167838011]
  2. *Melancton sees this, and mutters something about being glad that he doesn't live in Britannia*
  3. Let's see... BoC., DCL., -OH-., B^F., CDPL.. That's just on Europa. Atlantic: the Guild, Umbra, Royal britannian guard... and surely some more guilds I've forgotten.
  4. I'm actually genderless, so I feel kind of insulted, to be honest.
  5. I'm sure he planned it.
  6. All Terry Pratchett books are good, and really, few things beat the Luggage. Or Death.
  7. Send one to CDPL. as well! Collegium Ditio Potentia Lex = guild name.
  8. That's actually true, we wanted bright grey/almost white without using the neon, what a good assumption. *Is proud of her.*
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