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  1. So what you said was "you cant deathstrike with a ranged weapon", but what you really meant was that damage was limited in PvP with deathstrike. Yes, it's limited. The additional damage from someone running after being hit with a deathstrike was reduced but it is still a VERY valuable attack, for both melee and ranged attacks. Please take more care with your comments when advising others.
  2. Never use a weapon you are proficient with. UBWS means if you have any melee skill you will BLOCK before you get a parry chance. The idea is to use a weapon you have 0 skill in so they sheep will always get past the initial "to hit" and on to the "did you parry" phase of combat. I prefer slow weapons of non-proficiency.
  3. "Haven't been spawning"? They shut off the spawn down in the Abyss dungeon?
  4. xmg must be hating life. No spawns done except by BTH. Guess they should have just kept quiet and snuck in their few spawns they were getting. Now they have balinor on their team ROFL. And a crew of losers from LA and Chessy. All of whom have been rolled severely by BTH. I even see some xmg that went factions - have already dropped factions? Guess they really didn't understand stat-loss. Considering that's how they spent most of their faction careers, you'd think they'd know all about it. Oh well. G'luk to ya xmg. We're now starting up on other shards just to stay in touch with ya R
  5. HCI must be 45 DCI must be 45 Damage must be 100 FC/FCR 4/6 Don't just focus (heh) on the 4/6. If you expect to hit stuff and keep from being hit you need to get those other numbers as well.
  6. That used to pop up the "Criminal Flag" thing... but it's been fixed in the latest patch which is only on Origin currently.
  7. Have you ever tried my method? Even with accelerated gains to 50 spell binders are way slower.
  8. Those guys xmg talked into coming over to fight against BTH must be absolutely hating life right now. Can't do anything on Origin. Can't do anything on their home shard. I sure hope they thank xmg properly
  9. Oh my, seems the BTH guys are rolling over everyone on shard. These new "hired guns" are weak players from LA and Chessy... they really aren't doing much except littering up Fel with deathrobes. Another thing that tickles my side a bit - seems there's more action on LA now? ROFL. The xmg guys made chars over there (or had them over there) and now that they are contracting out for people to come to Origin, some of the BTH guys are loading up alt chars on LA. Right now I don't think xmg will get spawns off on either shard ROFL. Congrats xmg, you have successfully slapped a hornet's nest.
  10. Will trade Kinetic Magus shield for Lieutenant of the Britannian Royal Guard [Replica]
  11. Lovin' the drama between the new guys and their hosts (xmg) ROFL. Man those guys can sure talk up chat. BTH rolls over these noobs and if you read chat you'd think that the ground was littered with BTH bodies and that these fools never even lost anyone ROFL. One of them was farming silver at the Blighted Grove the other night, so I stealthed in and did some farming of my own. I was killing Coil. The guy threatened to page on me for luring?!? How is my killing a monster in game FAR AWAY from anyone a case of luring?? ROFL, granted it spawned right back where it was supposed to, which seriou
  12. The absolute quickest way to gain Resist is this: Be in FEL. Have a Mage with NO EVAL cast a paralyze field. You (the guy training) attack the mage casting the field. You can toggle in war mode and double click him. Now run the length of that paralyze field back and forth. Your resist will rocket. You can go from 0 to 120 in hours.
  13. Now selling Kinetic and Poison Defender of the Magus.
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