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  1. Guild meeting at 20:00 GMT in the meeting room in Beaufort.
  2. For the next 2 weeks or so will be spending most of my free time playing mass effect. This week I will mostly be playing the first one to get my lvl 60 char ready for 2. Then once the second one turns up (hopefully on Thursday) saving the Galaxy again! Will keep checking the forums when I get home from work incase anything important is happening so if I am needed best to PM me here. If not see you all in a bit.
  3. Well driving in the snow is always fun
  4. Pfft I was invading babblethreads before you where born and can defend them as well.
  5. For an RPG I would always recommend getting it for the PC in-case their are ever any fan mods for it. Also I am guessing if you have a high end PC the high end graphics would look better on it than an Xbox but not 100% sure on that.
  6. \/\/00+ got my copy of dragon age origins today!!
  7. I think getting the Beacon slapped in your face prepares you for the content.
  8. I still have the Beaufort bears uniforms!
  9. Activty: 7-10 BST weekdays Character name: Lord Taggart as for weekends if something is planned I will try to join up otherwise I am trying to get over the working week.
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