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  1. Hello... I haven't posted here in a while, but I have had years of experience as a bard/mage... What I've found (especially recently) is that using Peace for crowd control is really very "iffy"... Some crowds react way different than others, obviously. But as a 4x 120 Bard, I can tell you that area peace is very limited in many situations... Thx for listening...
  2. Get a char on Siege and ask for Katastrophe in gc...
  3. Gotcha' ..... missed that... thx
  4. Are there any skin options with the new look?
  5. I've been trying to reach Stratics.com with both IE and Chrome all day and night.... What are they doing? When was the last time you managed to pull Stratics up?
  6. Anybody know how long Stratics might be down?
  7. Is there one this weekend?
  8. So where do I find the R3 forum?
  9. Toss'd icq a while back... How bout you check your PM for mine pls...
  10. How do we get items INTO the Pacific auctions?
  11. How do we go about submitting items for the RP auctions?
  12. So where do we go to find out exactly WHEN the visits on each shard will take place? This thread or UO General Discussions or UO News or UO Event Forum or WHERE? I'm so tired of missing ingame events.... **** EDIT **** Ok, I found it, nevermind...
  13. So glad I found this and your decor site.... I'm pumped! (as we used to say...
  14. Thx Kellgory.... I use UOGuide all the time and just never realized they had this list there. Duh...
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