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  1. Farsight..I tried to reply to your post but for some reason the post reply button went missing! It's true! Thank you so much for the ideas. I guess at this point I wouldn't mind even mild rp...I just don't want to be where there is none at all and my experience is, it gets confusing when you try and mix the two but I guess when not many people are playing any longer you have to take what you can get!
  2. I believe it probably is a very fun guild!! I just have never played the part of a pirate..I suppose I could work on a few words...Arg! Give me your booty! *laughs* For some reason that just doesn't sound right at all!
  3. Ahh! I don't think I am quite the pirate as the condition of my nails mean the world to me! *winks* I tried to join those boards and got turned down because they said I never returned the joining email from the board admin on time...but I never even received the email in the first place!!
  4. I have had two accts for many many years but never play anymore. I created my accts years ago on LS but moved to Cats a couple years ago. I want to play again but I am very out of date. Would like to find a good rp guild to join...Lady Simone
  5. I am wondering where all the role players can be found? A certain bank or player run town?
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