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  1. (OOC) Hello there. My name is Chris, the player behind 'Sir Cody Dorselt'. Firstly I'd like to thank you for your interest towards 'The Knights Templar', as we really appreciate the sort of approach you have taken towards us. It is obvious that you share the same sort of passion towards role playing as we do, while understanding that it is also important to form a good relationship outside of the game itself. The Knights Templar was once, to put it plainly, a huge guild consisting of over one hundred players. However, it suffered severely due to the massive decline in both role play an
  2. I'd had a long week. Piles of paperwork stacked higher than my very eye level stared me in the face, despite my attempts to get it all completed by the weekend. I had to accept that I needed a break, and a period of time away to contemplate the virtues. I remembered an old place within the 'Spirituality' sector of Ilshenar of which I have many fond memories, and so I decided that I was due a visit there in order to sooth my tired mind. I thought it beneficial for Duncan to come along with me so that I could teach him a little about the balance between chaos and good, and the choices we
  3. When coming across a letter resting upon the doorstep of Fort Belvoir, I thought very little of it. It was probably another invitation to some sort of meeting or another, I thought. Further examination of it's contents, however, filled me with a feeling of deep concern. It was written in a handwriting that appeared as if it was jotted rather hurridly. One of the mines within the realm of Ilshenar had been overwhelmed with a rather sudden uprising of earth elementals, resulting in a complete evacuation of the local miners and their families. "I'd be pretty grouchy if I were being hacked
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