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  1. So I see the sewing machines don't work right. When trying to use special materials (spined hides, etc) it changes to wood and gives the message "You don't know how to work this material". also doesn't make the correct amount indicated. I typed in the correct amount to make, and the machine just kept making more and more beyond what I stated until I hit cancel. Any news from the Devs about this EVER being fixed or do they just not give a damn? Did I wast using a Vet reward on something that is completely useless?
  2. Doom artifacts are working on Origin. The drop rate is better than it was on TC. In case you didn't see, they are extending the events due to the delays.
  3. Okay here's my warrior build, with explanations of my reasoning where applicable. Appreciate any tips. One thing I will say is for roleplaying purposes I don't want any necromancy. STR: Natural 125 (126 with Conj. Trink) DEX: 92 (97 w/Crimson Cinture) INT: 51 Skills: Anatomy 120 Bushido 100 Planning to get a PS to take it to 120 Chivalry 65 (Gives me access to all the spells) Healing 80 (High enough to res) Parry 80 (High enough to get the 300 pt. Skills to get special move cost -10. Was thinking to lower it to 60 once Bushido is up to 120?) Swords 120 Tactics 120 So where will
  4. It was rather weird. It was like all the settings and macros for the client were doing the same things for any other windows or my desktop. As soon as I reset it, everything went back to normal. However I think that rather than being the enhanced client caused it, it was more my computer did weird things with the enhanced client settings. Nothing too serious but my computer has occasionally done some weird things with settings. Once a file that tech support told me to change, wasn't in the folder they directed me to. I found it with a search and was able to fix it, but it wasn't where it shou
  5. No I didn't but I was ready to, but logged back into the enhanced client and clicked reset settings, and everything went back to normal. I had figured it might be something else, but since resetting the enhanced client set it right again, I'm sure that those settings is what caused the issue.
  6. Question, Is there a reason to choose Swordsmanship vs. other weapons skills, like Macing for example? Is there some benefit to using Swords with a Paladin (like there is for not using shields with Samarais) or is "Swordsmanship" used in this instance as "whatever weapon skill"? Thanks!
  7. I usually use the Classic Client, but occasionally used the Stygian Abyss one. It had been awhile since I had though, but decided to use it again today. There was an error when trying to patch so I just uninstalled and installed the Enhanced Client. Logged on and saw it was a bit of a change from the Stygian. Started setting up the settings (scroll wheel zooms, etc.). Then I closed it down. But then my computer started acting weird. On my desk top the scroll wheal made my desktop icons small and moved them all to the top and bottom of the screen. On my browser I tried to type in the page to co
  8. I went in with a little over 2300 luck and killed quit a few of the harder monsters and not a single drop either. Did it 2 nights and nothing either time. I came here to see if anyone else was getting anything, but it seems not.
  9. You don't buy the publish. The publish is automatic with the update when you log on. You Can buy the Kings Collection Theme pack to get the items, just like the Gothic and Rustic Theme packs.
  10. I don't understand. Is it the housing that makes it becoming the Sims? If so then why complain that an extra house is ONLY available on Siege and not being able to have a house on ALL shards? An extra house on Siege has been suggested by players before due to having a different ruleset and making sense for players to be able to have a "base" there because of the harsher play style, only being able to have one character. Let's look at the pub 82. New Clean up dyes. Well that is part of the popular clean up thing that's been going on and is popular, and new dyes have been added with most of t
  11. If I remember correctly all the elven storage items do that. I lost a lot of stuff in an arcane bookcase that way too.
  12. Thanks for all the guides. Very good info!
  13. Now there would be an idea for an interesting change. The ability to allow someone else the temporary ability to customize your house. Being able to grant someone that ability through the signpost. And then it could go into the saved section of the customization menu, for the owner to give final approval.
  14. If everyone would want and be happy with a consolidation of all the shards into one, then wouldn't we all just say "Hey let's make Atlantic (for example) the only shard, and everybody take down your houses on other shards and transfer all your characters (and delete any you have over the 7 allowed per shard, just lose them), and everyone transfer to that one shard and find new housing etc." Clearly the fact that none of us are doing that, means that we would not be happy with it.
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