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  1. There was like 30 black cat statues around that house about week ago.
  2. Here is a screenshot of my moneybookers history. No 500$ resived from papa. Edit by adam: removed your customer ID/number.
  3. You should really call mb and ask them why money hasnt been delivered to my account.
  4. I really hope we get this thing solved. 500$ Is alot of money for me. And everything started when u typed my email wrong :/ We need to contact moneybookers.
  5. ICQ was 552322106 He send me pm here so he wasnt a imposter. I hope he comes around so we can solve this problem if this wasnt a scam
  6. This guy send me pm and offered for 500$ for my account. http://www.uoforums.com/holiday-accounts-general-trade-forum/87896-120m-old-account-21-soulstones-sa-high-87-days-gametime.html I accepted the offer and never recived the money. He claims that he typed my email wrong but fixed the problem.. its been a week now and I havent seen him online after the trade to help me to solve this problem. Maybe its stupid to trust these "trusted" traders:( Pappa Gummy Bear30.5.2011 17:49 so why are you selling the account icey30.5.2011 17:49 I dont have time/intrest to play and i nee
  7. Napalon

    Archer PVP Suit

    there is also 45 hci, 50 enchance pots, 52dmg inc, 15 dex bonus, 21 str bonus and 4 int bonus on jewelry, talisman and totem/crimson
  8. Napalon

    Archer PVP Suit

    I got suit with LMC40, SI 31, MR11, MI10. HPI20, HPR4 with 70/70/67/60/66(faction items included) suit with my archer and im curious how much that suit is worth?
  9. I choosed to return also in this game after 4-5 years. I gotta say that this game is still the best mmoprg. I have tried Starwars galaxies, Lineage2, wow, warhammer and many other games but nothing can compare to this game.
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