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  1. Templars won, much to the chagrin of the Illuminati who cried "THEY HAVE MORE NUMBERS OF COURSE THEY WON!!!" *giggles* If you play, and have a Templar, you will be able to claim your special Jade Cat after the next update.
  2. Duelshockers got an awesome one on one interview with Creative Director Ragnar Tornquist recently. Here is a link for anyone interested. Tornquist seems to be very vocal and open to communications about the game which is refreshing. He genuinely seems to love player feedback and seems to only want to make the game better for us, the players.
  3. I don't know. It's harder to get the gold to place the house on Siege. It's not like people are going to go place on every account they have. Unless they buy gold I guess.
  4. A few notes... Ignore the FPS in some of the shots. Although I thought it was a good video card, I was misled and ended up with a non-gaming card. I need to buy a new one, but it's on the back burner for a while. Also, the time in the upper right corner of the screen shots is accurate, but it doesn't take you that long to do this quest. I just have real life obligations that make me take frequent AFK's so I had to step away and come back often.
  5. Not all quests and adventures in the game are killing monsters. There are many puzzles and rescue quests. Quests that challenge your mind. Horror Show is a retrieval quest with it's own instanced dungeon included as a tier in the quest. First you have to go recover video cameras from various businesses around the town of Kingsmouth. (This part may include running into a monster or two if you aren't "covert" enough. But you can evade the monsters if you're smart enough.) The video cameras require some equipment to be retrieved in the basement of the mining museum in town. This is a one perso
  6. Hopefully we will be able to get a few of our friends who've wanted to try it into the game for the weekend! I've been saving some early quests to do with folks who are just entering the game. If you skip a few you will be able to do them together and it wont be as tedious for you.
  7. Note: Links taken directly from funcom here: The Secret World | Funcom The download link is a direct link to the download of the game, and is an exe file.
  8. I was so proud of myself when I finally got past tier 3 of that Horror Show quest! My screen refresh rate isn't very good so I was blaming that on the number of times I died. (I couldn't get past the light sensors in the basement) But I finally did it! I couldn't have been happier if they'd have given me a crown. LOL I'm such a dork.
  9. More to come when I find more time in my day for FUN
  10. Hehe Thought I'd point out a few things in my screenshot for your entertainment and general knowledge.
  11. Another feature of TSW is our own character's Chronicle. A history of your character. All your character's kills, quests, and accomplishments are kept like a journal for you to look at. You can also compare your progress with the progress of others. Mine, of course, has been very slow going. I haven't had a lot of time, but quite frankly I would make the choice to take my time. I'm not going to show up on any "top" list. That's for the hardcore gamer. Either way it's very interesting to see and fun to keep track of. From the front page of Funcom's The Secret World page:
  12. @Guido I found this online. It shows some of the various choices you can make to your characters face. It's not an all-inclusive example but you get the idea. There are other games that have a bigger selection, but most aren't quite as customizable. The general face-shape changes with each "skin tone"/"head" combination you choose. Then you can edit the eye shape/color. Nose, jawline, lips etc. Then there's another tab for hair, eyebrows and makeup. (Or facial hair for male characters) Then of course there are clothing options and shoes. I will make my own similar picture when I have time
  13. "UNLEASHED" 'Unleashed' kicks off a monthly run that brings new content, new features, new stories and new characters to The Secret World and to subscribers. The first issue is packed with missions, Nightmare mode dungeons, the highly anticipated Marketplace and other updates -- and this is just the beginning! NEW MISSIONS! Carter Unleashed: An action mission set at the Innsmouth Academy on Solomon Island, where the player gets to know more about the exceptionally gifted student Carter. Exploring the hallway below the academy, Carter will need help controlling her powers -- befor
  14. Yes, it's London. And no offense taken, I purposely chose those features because I like that look best. I think the eyebrows may be different, but I have the feature numbers written down. I deleted two other characters because I didn't like the "look" lol so I learned to just use what I liked best.
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