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  1. So you are basicly saying that we should be allowed to wear civilian clothing whenever there is not an event that requires us to be wearing our armour? We are Knights Templars first and foremost, whatever Reiver might be beside that comes second, thus we should be chosing our armour first when deciding what to wear on a given day. Fair enough, if you're taking Izzy to the rose for a romantic evening at the Rose or something, sure you can wear civilian clothing. But if you're at your grandmaster's wedding, I would bloody well expect all KT to show up in full armour and armed to the teeth. Our m
  2. Abigail Rynn was the esquire of Gendin My Esquire(s); -Ragnar
  3. The joint forces of the Knights Templar and Skara Brae set out from the moongate south of Trinsinc. Making their way through the forest south of the shrine of Valour in Ilshenar, they came face to face with the vermin hordes of the evil Baracoon. After valiantly fighting their way through the hordes, they came face to face with Baracoon himself, who proved no match for the force assembled against him. And thus the Templars and Skara Brae proved victorious. We managed Baracoon then, who should be next? I'd appreciate any feedback you might have, as to whether or not it was enjoyable, thing
  4. On this day we, the Knights Templar, shall head out in an attempt to destroy one of the many lairs of evil scattered across these lands. The forces of The Dutchy of Trinsic and Skara Brae shall be joining us in this endeavour. Everyone gather at the Moongate south of Trinsic at 7.30GMT. Signed Dame Abigail Rynn (OOC: We will be going on a champ hunt in Ilsh, hopefully enough people show up so we can actually take down the blasted champion. Magican gear -is- allowed on this expedition, but if you want to wear your horrible neon suit, put a robe over it)
  5. Lucic, you belong to me...you know that...
  6. That is one of the most important parts of a RPG in my book. They cannot hold up without a good story. Just look at games like the Baldur's Gate series, it's the stories that carry them most of the way.
  7. There will be a training for KT on Tuesday the 3rd at 7pm GMT. Gather at Beaufort.
  8. As of next thursday, The Community of Skara Brae will be joining our weekly trainings with DOT.
  9. Tonight we will gather at 7.45 at Beaufort!
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