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  1. the boon in the guild right now is named Ragnar
  2. DONE! took me 12 hours to speed my way through it! was quite fun actually!!
  3. Whats in it for me? I REALLY GOTTA KNOW... WHATS IN IT FOR MEEEEEEE!! I WANT TO KNOW FOR SURE!!! (Amy Diamond, swedish singer)
  4. Right of the bat, i can't attend. Celebrating New years with afew friends up in middle Sweden, and i'm more or less expected to be shitfaced 72 hours straight...
  5. If you've seen the movie, don't read the books, since the movie anal rapes the books
  6. Yeah, you guys got noting else to do besides playing UO and lingering around the forums? You sad sad nolifers, there's a whole world outside your doorstep! I suggest you take a step outside! haha P34ch, mah bihatches!
  7. well as we're moving and i've got the pleasure of receving a 16*13 any new ideas? Tho, hopefully this will be a pure library
  8. You need recovery cuz you couldn't take the fist like a man, and the fact that you didnt jump him back!
  9. Flagstone got my vote, the cathedral should be a bit diffrent from the rest of the buildnings since it's our "sacred place", but that's just my opinion
  10. Do belive its as 11*13 or 12*13 not really sure about those measurements, and it just south of the fort across the road
  11. Greetings brethren! I do belive we should rebuild the Dormitory and Library to suit our needs with more recruits joining the Brotherhood, with that said, i need your help with a design for how this new building should look. Please stick your suggestions to this here post with a drawing if possible to easier understand your suggestion. *Signed* Jeremy Forsyth, Crusader
  12. What i was thinking was a calender of sorts, i remember having one in Grd. I could step to take some of the hunts aswell, just need my internet up and running on my comp
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