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  1. trapping monsters in your house? gating monsters? chain-reaction exploding potions? placing boats underground in 'the darkness' thru cave walls and riding around under the sea?
  2. another awesome one is Chest of Heirlooms. glossy blue is very rare and looks phenomenal on them
  3. fireballed to death on the way to the moonglow moongate by a pk =P died a lot to rabbits tracing str and macing at the farms too. tough stuff. fall 1998.
  4. i tried to use one just to roll an 80 warrior to f around w friends until d3 releases. failed. apparently i used one on the same account like three years ago i petitioned blizz to see if they'll let me use one anyways
  5. you're right, for a really long while there wasn't. i don't know... just lately seems like there are a lot more anti-RMT crusaders out there posting PM logs and ratting people out and complaining about cash trades of all kinds. re: the codes though, it just isn't that profitable anymore =( gold too cheap and origin site has sales all the time.
  6. for some people (try starting a thread about it on stratics, heh) there should be absolutely no conversion whatsoever between game gold and real cash, so to them - yes it is RMT. the biggest reason though is that brokers can get gold so, so cheap now that they'd have to make an insane ratio to make spending the cash on codes worthwhile
  7. i miss non-con pvp. it was great, but it isn't coming back in UO. UO2 maybe, someday =P there is definitely still a desire for it - the best servers in WoW are mostly PvP+ servers. but the old days of UO would be considered way too 'harsh' for current gen MMOers. we can dream though
  8. EC is a must for trading i'm told, if you're into that. great for tedious tasks as macros are much more robust. i'm a CC person though, i really just prefer the CC mostly as its what i know.
  9. hehe they are trading hot for 150m ea. right now. probably 200+ by springtime i sold one for 150 and one for 175 so far that i bought the day of the event inexpensively (i was lucky)
  10. it is still do-able but by some considered RMT which has really become frowned upon lately. also, gold runs so 'cheap' now that it can cost as much as 160 million gold for a 3 month code.
  11. i level cap'd the beta (only 25) and while i enjoyed the game, i found it wasn't nearly engaging enough for a purchase. all but two of my friends felt the same, and did not buy. of those two, one is already part-time back in UO (hes a game jumper though, simultaneously playing wow uo and tor in rotation) and the other one is still full time TOR.
  12. an atlantic- a shard specific event. there is a long and confusing story involving mesanna screwing the event up, etc. long story short, a max of 40 were dropped game wide. pets ate some (bug) so there are less. but it was from a one time special event that ultimately sucked for everyone involved =P
  13. for a while they were considering it, partially because the official EQ team released a few of their classic progression servers and they were a MASSIVE hit (i blew all winter on them!) i personally feel that the team would LOVE to try a classic server, as it is really quite obvious that it would be successful. the main reason it won't happen though is simply resources. the team working on 'live' UO is so small as it is... there is just no way they could devote another entire team to a throwback shard.
  14. sweet shadow hued bear trophy, nice title. not dated so looks rad. 150m, firm. item trades considered though. ATL only please and thank you !!
  15. pet calc score is ok, really raw hp seems to be most desirable on mares in general.
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